Mastering soul travel course

Hi everyone i want to buy mastering soul travel course does ea teach how to get into theta gamma sync in the course and also is it ok to try the teaching in the course even if i cant astral project bcz someone told me that i need to learn ap before trying to learn soul travel

Yes. The course has a section devoted to preliminary exercises, for clearing the mind, circulating energy, and charging the chakras.

Yes. Ignore whoever told you that. Soul travel is just a catch-all term for the ability to travel to any plane, including the astral (according to the course, there are at least 21 planes of existence). If you can soul travel, then you can automatically astral travel, as the astral is simply the first plane you will travel through as you move upwards. In section 7 of the course, you will learn how to travel into the astral using gateways, after first learning to project in the physical (ie getting out of your body and travelling to an actual physical location).



Can i do soul travel without my senses being fully developed?

Yes. The clair-senses are not required for soul travel, only the ability to sense and move energy in the body. The senses will develop naturally as you become proficient in getting out of your physical body and moving around in your subtle ones.

Which section does EA teach how to get into the theta gamma sync in the astral travel course?

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I believe it is Section four. It is what the preliminary exercises are designed to achieve.

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