Mastering Invocation

I created this thread for people to share their experience of invocation ( not evocation ). How do you become possessed by the spirit who’s power you seek ? What tips, tricks and advice do you have for people seeking to become the power they seek instead of asking a spirit to do the work for them. Please share how you bring wealth, love or anything into your life through invocation such as visualisations, rituals and other any techniques that have yielded real results.

I could write a whole page on useful stuff to do to achieve identification with a certain entity and force. But i can sum it all up by saying, learn what you can about the entity, do your homework, and lastly the most important, go with the flow. You feel like singing do it, feel like dancing do it, lets yourself go and let whom you invoke to take the lead. Relax and enjoy the ride.

[edit] The term fake it till you make it, is very appropriate when it comes to invocation.

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