Mastering evocation

I have no money and no way to get money quickly. I want to buy eas mastering evocation but I don’t have 400$ lying around. I would evoke a spirit for this but… That’s why I’m buying the book😑 any thoughts

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Sometimes, ya just gotta light your own ass on fire and go. Lol Grab a sigil and stare at it.


Ok :blush: thank you btw

Tell me what you have managed, I’m in the same boat but I’m also in a bad situation and need help to get out of a country and get home.

Use the payment plan, what I did

I agree with @Soon2bAdept you don’t have to do the full cost at once, do the monthly payments instead. The mastering evocation course is well worth it and pushed me further than any book ever has.

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Yeah I will I’m just very stuck at the moment. Fighting more than financial issues. When I get it sorted I will do it for sure.

For now use money sigils that only require you charging them. I would carry them in your wallet.

My first 2 money spells from when I was dead ass broke, and before I knew anything of evocation whatsoever, were these. And I will teach you, as one of my mentors in Africa told me. He flew to America to teach me some of the arts and we are close friends.

1st, if you want, PM me and I will send you a prayer to say every morning upon awakening, and every evening before sleep. This is dedicated to the Goddess Lakshmi.

2nd. Take a $20 bill and write “AANUM PONUM PAISE HO”. On the other side write your full name. Every morning AFTER showering, place the currency on your forehead where your third eye is, and repeat that 5 times, and then say your full name. Place it inside of your wallet where it will never be lost. Never spend it. The idea is that your wallet will never be empty and always be full.

I put that 20 in my wallet and it is still there today, and I have only grown financially ever since.