Mastering Evocation: Section 6

Thankyou immensely, E.A and Timothy for doing this and making this available.

I’m really enjoying this course so far and am learning/understanding the practice of evocation much better due to the visual presentation of the course.

King of the Air:

EA experiences Paralda as androgenous in section 6. I am trying to verify my past experience of calling upon Paralda. I had confused him with another air elemental that enjoys residence at my home, but now that I know he is neither male nor female I am pretty sure that I experienced Paralda “visually” once before, but due to my inexperience/confusion regarding appearance, I forfeited this particular attempt at communication.

Opening his sigil, a spirit appeared strongly in my minds eye as a young, early-mid twenties feminine looking asian/caucasian male(androgenous) with almost longish yet styled straight black hair and chiseled jaw line.

I know this is a subjective experience but I was curious if EA or anyone else has experienced his facial features as such? Any feedback would be appreciated. When EA describes him as young and neither male nor female it triggered memory of my previous attempt/ experience.

Beelzebub’s Sacrifice:

At the point where it seems like contact is made, I swear I could smell the incense. Anyone else?

"Beelzebub’s Sacrifice:

At the point where it seems like contact is made, I swear I could smell the incense. Anyone else? "

  • Virdon Djinn

Well, I’ll say this…THAT was my favorite part! I’m watching/studying section by section, and also watching ahead just to completely immerse myself in the course program in its entirety. Fuckin’ bangin man.

Hell yeah, Mode! I’m up to about section 10 and cannot stop watching. I’ll probably watch right through, then back to the start to begin the exercises.

Btw, it’s not the first time I’ve experienced psychic smell via video, often cigarette smoke I will pick up when watching movies. I was more focusing on EA and what he was doing, and I’m like “what’s that fuckin’ smell?”, and then I looked at the incense burning to the right of the screen and had to pinch myself. Lol!

Well I didn’t smell incense during the part of the video that you did. However in the evocation of the king of air I did see two dark spots come across the top of the video, and when I rewound it I saw it again.

Also when hes evoking Beelzebub, I hear EA say something about sacrificing his soul?? Can anyone elaborate, those are some words that my mouth will never utter.

I’ll have to re-watch that part, Jakob, and see if I see those dark dots you mentioned. Regarding the evoking of Beelzebub, on first view I got the impression EA was referring to the pig’s head on the stake as the sacrifice, but I could be wrong.