Mastering Divination 10 card tarot spread card position meanings

Regarding the 10 card spread, I still don’t have a grasp of cards 2, 3, 7 and 8.
Can anyone give their thoughts on this.
Thanks in advance.

From my notes from the course I have
1 the querent. Is this the psychic condition or state of the querent in relation to this question only? what is the difference between this and card #7?
2. “What has brought the querent to this point.” Others call this, what is crossing or holding back the querent. Is there a difference?
3. what is on the surface. I don’t quite understand what this means – to what this refers.
4. What is beneath the surface.
5. The immediate past. – I assume it refers to the past only as relevant to the query.
6. The immediate future.
7. “The emotional state of the querent.” Does this mean, the overall psychic state as with #1?
8. “the influence of the environment.” I still don’t understand this card.
9. "the hopes and fears of the querent."
10. the final outcome.

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Hello Friends,

This is taken from “Tarot Mirror of The Soul A handbook for the Aleister Crowley Tarot” by Gerd Ziegler.

page 181: the Celtic Cross

  1. Basic Card. My Basic Situation
  2. Influences hindering or furthering the basic situation (crossing the basic situation)
  3. my conscious thoughts about the question/situation
  4. my unconscious thoughts about the question/situation
  5. past influences, or that which is just ending
  6. future influences, or that which is just beginning
  7. myself. my attitude and approach to the question or situation
  8. the energies coming from me from the outer world
  9. my hopes and fears
  10. result, outcome, key.

Hopes this helps a little bit.

What is the difference between 7 and the 3/4 cards?

My method of the CC the 3 card is the atmosphere or collective consciousness of the situation while 4 is the root of the matter. The 7 card is your internal influence on the situation while 8 is the external influences playing on the situation.