Masterbation may affect love spells!

I noticed that the less I masturbate the more my love spells work. Could this be a thing?

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Well, it’s commonly believed that you lose energy when you masturbate so…it can’t hurt if you don’t masturbate.

However, in sex magick rituals, you masturbate and direct the energy towards a goal, so it really just depends on your approach to a “love” spell and the technique you use.

If you have a subconscious belief that not masturbating will affect your magick, then it will.


If you dont masturbate its actually you are stocking up energy which is a good thing
If you believe that affects love spells then so be it

This works very well. Most of my beginner manifestations have been due to this lol.


Masturbating less causes you to reserve more energy for the magic, because getting off makes you lose energy lol. However there are some love and lust rituals out there that require sex or masturbation to happen because of the release of energy empowers the spell as long as that energy is directed to the goal of the spell

Or if you do an evocation, you can use it as an offering for them to help.

This seems to work for some people, though I cannot claim to relate. Forgoing masterbation just makes me more stressed-out, with no observable benefit. I don’t really practice any sex magick at the moment, and I’m not really the type that gets off on excessive self-discipline. If it helps you, though, then by all means go for it.

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I have never had “less energy” to do magick due to masturbation nor more from not doing it, while I can’t relate to those who do, it does make sense for them. Originally I was more on the “that doesn’t make sense” lol but I understand now for the most part.