Mass evocation success

For some time I’ve been working on a rather large ritual. Some of you may be aware that I’ve been opening portals, creating different planes to fill with cold and creating spirits to open and channel said portals.
Well, last night I was ready to put all this into action and open the portals to summon the cold and the demons I’ve been working along side.
The whole thing went off without a hitch. I woke upto a thick layer of snow covering the area. Just got azathoth to summon now, already started, judging by the weather warnings the summoning is nearly complete
I got the inspiration for this ritual from a game I played a while back, bloodborne. The game focuses on the mensis ritual, a ritual designed to call forth the in game gods. I just mixed things up a tad :slight_smile:
Not a very informative post, but I’m pleased with how well it’s all worked and fancied sharing.

Nice ! Now, how about to fill up some portals with Gold, $$$ and LOTS & LOTS of Sexy Playmates and summon them ! Voila !! You could woke upto a thick layer of Gold Coins, Bundles of $$$$ and LOTS of SEXY PLAYMATES around YOUR Bed ! Aaahh, you would have Lots of HAPPY Time. :wink:

Just a picture of the local town after my ritual… might have to excercise a tad more restraint in future haha

Isn’t magic fun :slight_smile:

You’re lucky you don’t live in America. They would acuse you of something…

Actually a lots of RPG has magick interweaved in them, and if we look beyond the Story and the characters then we would got to see a lots of ideas for use in the Field of Magick. For Examples, i had learned a lot from the World of Warcraft on Magick, like Orcish Rune, Power Glyph, Magickal artifacts, various potions, Cryptic Name of various herbs e.g. Thunder Bush (Onion), Moon Ball (Cabbage), Various Sigils and an Evocation Circle and Triangle etc etc. Sometimes i was almost convinced that the developers of the game definitely had a good knowledge of Magick.

And here I was thinking Americans were more open minded about this stuff haha

And here I was thinking Americans were more open minded about this stuff haha[/quote]

Ah, most here say they dont believe in magick, but watch a black cat cross their path, and see how they act. Or let the number 666 be their total at the check out :slight_smile:

But mostly you will get shunned if they learn you do magick. At least where i am anyways.