I’ve been hearing about the different masks the entities have, and some of them have more than one. Can anyone provide or suggest a book to me with a list of marks for each entity? If anyone has a information on the masks of The Goddess Lilith, The Archangel Samael and The Leviathan Tanin’iver that to will also be appreciated. Thanks.


If it’s cultural equivalents you are asking for then you need to do some comparative mythology study. I’m happy to help but what you are asking for is a tall order and doing a complete listing of comparative god’s is going to take quite a bit of time, so I will do the Leviathan for you and someone else can do the other two.


I figured that,any help would be greatly appreciated. And thanks.

Or possibly

That’s what I got for now. But you should do your own research as well.


Thanks. I’m trying to do my own research but there’s some many different directions to follow I don’t know where to turn. I don’t know if this will cut it down some, but if you can point me in the direction of pre Christian, Jewish and Islamic dogma it might help greatly.

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Well as I’m sure you are aware all the currents have corresponding mythologies across all cultures. This is similar to Jungian archetype but more an anthropomorphised aspect of the universe and also an aspect of yourself. This is because you are the reflection of the greater universe and fractal in the grand Fibonacci sequence.

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Got it.

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I can hook you up with some if you want! you might even be shocked lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes please do. Your past information about Tanin’iver was very helpful. Send me everything you have. Thanks again.