Masculine/Femmine Energy and Transgender?

I heard that people have both masculine and femmine (yin and yang) energy/etc in them.

For personal reasons, I’m curious about if trans people perhaps have more of the masculine energy (if they identify as male) then femmine energy (FTM)?

And then for MTF, more femmine then masculine energy? I also know that there are some biological reasons that have been debated, but I’m curious about the yin/yang energy.

I’ve also heard that spirits don’t have an sex but might have a gender identity? So maybe this plays a part?

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It has nothing to do with gender so for transgender people it would be the same as it is with everyone else in various degrees, but I’d also like to note masculine and feminine energy is also based on choice as in naturally feminine and masculine energy isn’t exactly required but people can place the desired traits on themselves and their energy.

I don’t wholly believe in masculine and feminine energy but I at times choose to use its concept when needed otherwise like chaos magick they cease to be relevant/exist for me after nd nothing really changes regardless lol.

Spirits have various genders and sex, transgender is thought to be soul related but also psychological.


I’m trans (MtF) and from my perspective i always had more feminine energy and better control over it (though since transition it’s gotten much easier to balance feminine and masculine energy within myself.

One interesting tidbit tho, in all of my past lives I’ve been female. EVER SINGLE ONE. This is the only life that I was born “male” and it never felt right.

My Astral Form, “godform”, higher self, etc are all female.


I also thought about the soul part. So maybe my souls sex/gender isnt the same as the human body I was physically born with?

Same (FTM), although I havent checked out any of my past lives or higher self stuff.


Maybe, maybe not but I would not tie it to transgenderism, simply to be safe.

There was a time I aligned with bigender but now not so much, admittingly it was due to the fact my true self can be male,female, or neither and for some time it had a impact on my physical thoughts, feelings, and so forth.

Well to be fair, I just see myself as a guy lol. I’m by definition “transgender” but I’m not really active in the community and just live out my life as a dude. Like any other.

Could be due to anything really. The other explanation I’ve heard is related to the brain developing differently the the bodies sex. Idk though.


Now I never did look into my souls gender/sex…well that’ll be apart of my “to-do-list”.

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Aww Shit mann it’s tranny time XD
I’m ftm myself.
Yeah it’s always deeply bothered me that I was born like this. I’m happy you brought up this subject because no one really seems to talk about it. I’ve straight up had people tell me to just stay female and not transition because the gods wouldn’t except me or refuse to work with me.


The only issues I had was people not accepting my gender or refusing to call me by my cbosen name because “I hadn’t legally changed it yet”.


I feel ya dude… I really do. My parents are still pricks about it and it’s been almost six years now. I’m Dexter btw what’s your name lad?

Strange, I’ve had zero issue working with entities. But I guess some may not accept it.


Did you know it’s Transgender awareness week? Anyway mind_seeker is there any chance you can do a soul scan for me and look into my souls dender/sex? and pm me the answer?


My father is pretty accepting of it. The only issue I have with my family is that they like to refer to me by my old name when referring to the “old me”.

Somehow since I hadn’t “transitioned” back then they think they have the right to refer to me as my old name when talking about those times.

To me I’ve always been me, and always been a guy. That’s just who I am. Back then I just didn’t know you could transition and didn’t know about trans.

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I wont get political. But i will say that some people do not recognize transgender in the spiritual sense or energy sense. I personally dont believe it is wise to change or alter the body like that as there is a reason behind being born a certain gender and such. To each their own.


Its not like we have that kind of control over are selfs. I wish we did, but you know our life had to happen this way for us to even be having this conversion. Nothing just happens out of random everything is connected even if it hurts.


Sick name dude, also yeah that’s how I’ve felt. Everything happens for a reason though. Like I said we wouldn’t be sitting here talking if we were born normal. We have some kinda destiny to fulfill. I’m just glad I meet you two.


So truth, I believe that in the future there be no gender , just people

Now that’s a future I can get excited for