Maryjane 🌿 Cannabis- Ganja

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I had a physical death in my Evocation and Initiation. I crossed the Threshold - Abism - and was reborn in a new form. Be very careful with Magic and marijuana; it can lead to madness. Caution and preferably INDICA with more CBD than THC. The ‘new’ strains give you a dangerous trip because of their high THC content. I currently don’t smoke; I don’t need it and it would also be harmful. I wish you all the best.

I don’t agree with this at all. I fail to see how just by combining marijuana with magic it will cause you to go mad. Many people use all sorts of drugs, herbs and oils to aid in their magic. Madness can happen in magic even if you don’t take marijuana

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Yeah if you are going to smoke the new strains only take a hit or two, they are really potent.

Ideally a medical grade with CBD would be ideal.