Mary Patron of Magick and Magicians

Here is a sketch of « Mary patron of Magick and magicians »

Had anybody ever worked with her?

is another version of this Mary?
Mistress Mary
Queen Maria Satanica || Mary of the Black Cathedral/Mass || “Bloody Mary”
Patroness of:  
Sin – most any traditional form of sin, though she’s particular fond of the “unforgivable” ones,...

Différent altogether . Thé patron Mary seems too be almost like a Christian Isis or hathor …i think. Like isis integrated into more acceptable form like the Greeks turning Egyptian animal look to Greek citizens

Looks like Astarte to me. I am sure a lot of people of called on Astarte here.


Called on Astarte here ? Where do you mean « here »?

What specifically makes you think of Astarte? I’m curious

The drawing kind of looks like her. Although when I saw her, she had brown curly hair and a Egyptian tan. You can look up Astarte and find depictions of her.