Mary Jane and Magick

So being that I’ve decided to rethink everything I was wondering,if someone like me who uses such things frequently a issue or ? Basically if a stoner starts doing Magick would that become a problem for the operation or would it help ? I’ve noticed it’s easier to do something things like reach tgs and just dick around but I’m still a little sketchy on being high trying to talk to spirits.

So any info would be great thanks in advance -Kane


Marijuana in the developing mind can lead to some issues. Short term memory loss, lung problems, and problems with attention. Try to smoke a small amount and space out the days in which you smoke to lessen this degeneration. I’m a user myself, been sober for a while, I feel amazing, and I feel like this fog has been lifted. This is my experience with it, everyone is different.


What kinda of issues have you had with it in your Magick if it’s not to personal?

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i smoke weed all the time and i sometimes do magic high.

i dont advise it though.

dont get me wrong, i love me some weed, but when it comes to magical operations it is NOT the best medicine.

what it IS good for is mental/physical exersize. not for either or both, but for one exersize in particular, and that is opening the 3rd eye.

when i astral project on weed my astral body is…wobbly. so much to the point where i have to return to my body because i cant keep it together on the other side.

in ritual it is kind of the same. when drawing out power, it comes…but its wobbly. its a strange sensation, working with that substance in your system. you can feel the vibration of the god-self and its amazing, but sometimes i get so caught up in the sensation that i lose focus on what the hell i was doing.

it could be argued that its best for training…but so is sobriety.


Good analysis here. Ganja has it’s place, but ultimately you will do yourself a service by learning everything without it. Once that ‘control specimen’ has been attained then experimentation is much more rewarding, at least from my past history. I would say it is not a great thing to have in daily practice, but their are some interesting experiences to be had. There really is a place for everything in it’s own time.

I will say that ganja can be an unfair asset with chaos magick, post release. Nothing quite chills out that lust for results like getting weird and eating a Twinkie. But still, I recommend getting to a point where you don’t need it before you enter the cheeba cheat code, lol.

Edit: this post was directed towards the OP, btw.


I think a lot of magic was discovered through weed ha

Everybody loves ganja

When I use it for spiritual purposes, it’s great. Hmm kinda like the difference between using it on special occasions versus every day. After a while I could see my friends using it as a crutch.


I don’t smoke it. I make bhang out of it. You take 2 Kg of Mary, and add it 1 L of milk, and let it to boil. In this time, add little spoon of sodium bicarbonate, half of butter, 1 spoon of oil, cinnamon, nuts, and sugar or honey after your taste. Let it boil for about 2 and a half 3 hours while you mix it at low flame. If you drink that you will have constant 8 hours trip. And is very different compared to smoking. How is that ? well tetrahydrocannabinol is an oil, and that oil is soluble only in alcohol and milk. This process helps to extract the THC into the liquide, making him very potent and whit a concentration of about 80% Also here ish a picz whit Shiva making bhang.


Also Mary, well is not that spiritual, or good for magikal workings… is a relaxation thing after all… The good things are: sage, shrooms, dimethyltryptamine or mescaline… and I am not breaking the law, cuz those things are legal where I am.

I have done something similar with hash oils, basically dropping a blob into boiling coffee, then adding heavy cream. The fats in the cream work the same as the milk in the bhang recipe you provided. And yeah, it’s different for sure.

Out of curiosity, when you wrote 2 Kg was that a typo? That is a shitload by US standards, and even a legal state like MA where I am will still arrest you for having 4+ pounds. It is considered trafficking, possibly tax evasion soon as well. Will the recipe work as well in smaller batches? And do you cover it between stirring?

I think I will try this. I am kicking cigarettes (again) and want to start transitioning to edibles so I can still run when I hit 40.

Which raises a good point:

Your body and it’s state of health absolutely does effect your mind and spiritual abilities. Breathing is extremely important in essential functions of body, mind and spirit. If you are burning your lungs out on a regular basis (more than 1-2/week) it will eventually catch up with you. Grass will not kill you like cigs will but it has a ridiculous amount of tar. With modern strains that have higher oil content the tar content goes through the roof. Weed also burns at hotter temperatures, so it does more tissue damage when you inhale it.

If your body starts failing in it’s respiratory functions then you can be sure your spiritual practice will suffer. The quality of your breathing techniques can be diminished in ritual and during meditation. The quality of your sleep and dream activity is effected. Overall you will be less able to do many simple things you enjoy with the same level of enjoyment. Your sex life is impacted the worst among these.

Dabbing on a regular basis is probably the best way to go the lung busting route. Like I said, I put it in coffee.


I wouldn’t do any drug daily, as you’ll start running into tolerance issues, potential addictiveness, and decreasing effectiveness. When used judiciously, though, marijuana can definitely be a useful entheogen.

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Literally 2Kg, but let me tell you why. Indica and Sativa you can add less to make a bhang, but if you go whit Ruderalis, you must add more. Here Ruderalis grows wild, as the magik mushrooms on the moutaisn after rain.


After I was destroyed by the federal and NSW state governments I lost everything.

Some years ago I got stoned before I went to bed (which at that time for me was unusual). I lay there remembering all the things I done wrong – heaps of them. I blamed myself and went to sleep feeling very low.

When I awake the next morning the first things I thought about where the same things from the night before and all of these issues were not my fault. With a clear head I could now see this. I dismantled and killed all of these negative thoughts which had been influencing me undetected from the safety of my subconscious. Ganga had brought these thoughts into the open where I could finally assess and destroy them – nasty little fuckers that they were.


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I have to try this.

I speak to demons when I’m high,they don’t seem to mind. My magic is better when I’m high,meditations are more intense and i can focus easier but hey,each person is a different world