Martel's Initiation

well today after speaking with lucifer i decided to evoke martel and go through my intiation and truly begin my magickal journey. i told him my desire ( to become a emperor like lucifer and rule the infernal) he manifested as fire and as the flames flickered it made my head feel like it was flickering as well. he said interesting and said that if that is what i desire i am to come to his kingdom of flame and recieve my intiation. has anyone been through his intiation? what was your experience? where did you go?
PS: soon i will create my pathworking thread where i will keep you posted on my experiences as i work through the 9 kings.

Also as martel was leaving he called me emperor which made me feel sooooo GOOD!!

Go through with it.Soul Travel to his world.

Soul Travel out of your body,and repeat Martal’s name.Step,as one step turns into entire leagues,traversing space and time alike to wherever Martal wants you.

There you will experience his initiation.


His name is Martal, not Martel.