This question is for anyone who has worked with Martal, Grand Demon of the First Kingdom of Flames concerning the secrets of initiation.

How much time transpired for you until the influence of his sigil had reach its peak?

Also, what kind of psychological and energetic changes did you notice during that time?

Lately, I have this feeling of becoming intolerant, egotistical, and overbearing. These are characteristics that I have naturally, as everybody does, but they are unusually heightened and noticeable in my personal interactions. I feel like I am forcing my universe on everyone else, and if they don’t like it then they need to get out of my way.

I have worked extensively with Martal over that past 8-9 months and consider him to be pretty much responsible from taking me from a farting around arm chair magician to a fully practicing and steadily increasingly powerful magus.

I refer to him as the Lord of Initiation, every time I do a major working with him I tend to have some sort of breakthrough in either my understanding or my practice abilities. MY first working with him took me from being a dabbler to a proper magus and got my life sorted in terms of regular ritual, energy work and meditation. He was also presents during my Satori experience.

He has also appeared in dreams to instruct me more directly in techniques such as channeling anger into ritual, although this isn’t so useful for me as I almost never get angry.

Beyond that he has also assisted me in the creation of several magic items.


I have noticed that the spirits whose teach magick, they change your mentality and try to guide you and communicate with you the way they can. They put you to work and change your life for you be able to pratice more magick.

I am having a good experience with Metatron and Aratron.

Oh they also helped me to disatach from some emotional stuff that were obstacles to my development.

Definitly, those entities like Metatron and Martal really kick things into gear. I think if you are only working with entities to manifest “things” then you can only get so far. Bringing in those higher teachers takes things to the next level and then when you do evoke for “things” it all comes through that much easier