Martal Pathworking

So I’ve been working with Raziel on developing my psychic senses, and through Pathworking I also have been getting good results working with entities. So I asked her for a Pathworking of Martal from Kingdoms of Flame by E.A. Koetting. In a few minutes, the images were projected in my mind very intensely. I’ve tried it and although I’m still struggling with sensing entities, I had a security that I was being heard.

So the pathworking is as follows:

A sprout in brown soil.
The bud grows to become a white flower.
The white color of the flower petals turns blue.
The blue flower is withered.

How to use:

I simply begin with chanting Martal’s name until I feel at ease and then I read the pathworking in my mind, visualization is not necessary but for me it came naturally. When I read the last line I call Martal’s name once again and I wait a few minutes until I feel I’m being heard (or until I feel the need to speak). So I make my request. I wait a few minutes and when I feel that the entity has responded, I simply thank it and close the pathworking by reading the first line.

If anyone uses it, I wish you could give your observations and experiences with me!

Hail Raziel! Hail Martal!


Wow! Such underrated post! Did Raziel teach you other public pathworkings? These can change a lot about what we know from the spirits of the Kingdom Between Realms (Kingdom of Flames).