Mars is very powerful for the next months

Finally Mars ♂ is in his own sign of fire, Aries! For the next months the bane workings should especially use this aspect. To connect to it:

Kamea of Mars, for sigils:

Seal of Mars ♂ for opening:

Spirit of Mars Bartzabel to channel it:

And to use the power of Azerate:
Vedargal Tiekals Somdus Azerate!
" Dies Irae, dies illa
Solvet Cosmos In Favilla
Vocamus Te AESHMA Deva "

And the magic formula to Summon Asmoday:
"Selor zetastu votr keneb
Teseabon kl atonoa ningel varantar
Yatatur babannim katabesh soronoros "



Asmoday Sigil:

Enn: Ayer avage aloren Asmodeus aken



So to recap, you’d recommend working with Asmodeus these months? :slight_smile: I have already tried petitioning him in the past and he did well!


:rofl: Great so I should do all my motivation and workout spells this month!


You are absolutely correct. Mars is gonna be putting it out. Perfect time for aeshma deava aspect of asmoday, and other fiery ones. Thanks!

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It finishes on the 7th January 2021.

Time to work.


I just communicated with him.

When do you use this?

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When you start calling Asmoday after opening the Qliphothic Gate


Can I call upon Bartzabel directly without using the angel and the intelligence of Mars to control it? Moreover, do I still have to assume the Godhead and use the seal of Mars?

What specifically is making mars powerful?

Actually Mars in his own sign or in his exaltation sign is excellent for specific bane workings which necesitates violent ends. An excellent witch should really learn astrology to begin with LHP