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Marriage Pact Article

Many people here use Pacts for many Things, Wealth, Health, Sex, Fame but did you know there is another use for a pact that is seldomly talked about. Well that is using Pacts for Marriage. What I mean by this is using pacts to Manifest the best mate for you and cause that marriage to be long lasting save you adhere to the terms of the pact. In this world today, where so many marraiges are short and cause a Nuclear Holocaust when they end, why not have a Powerful God/Goddess Manifest the best Person for you who will not allow, nor send you a person that will do this to you.

As for Suggestions on how to Make the Pact,

For women I would Ask a God Like Isis since she is Probably the best to work with to acheive this Goal, Man or Woman and Draw up a Pact Asking for the Best Partner for you that is a High Value Man. I wouldn’t get to Caught up in Traits but if you want to, you can put traits in there but know that what you want now is most likely what you want later and Isis when not restricted by traits will make the best descision for the Mate.

In the Pact I would also Ask for Aid to become a High Value woman and to Heal Issues that Prevent manifesting a good relationship (humans have a Ton of them) and if you really want to Go further Request that the Goddess Aid you to become Like her.

For Men, You Might Have to Create 2 Pacts.

Reason being, the age of Strong and Powerful men are Gone, and Men are weak and Soft today and unlike women, men have to become something of value and Become Strong Internally and externally before they can be in a good long lasting relationship.

In My Case I have a Pact With Odin and Here’s what He Told me when I asked him to become an “Alpha Male” in a Pact…

"First shall I say what it is I can and can not do as you request, and make clear your knowledge of such things. You ask to be an “Alpha” such things do not exist. You mean to say leader, strong, virtuous, willful, dominant. To distill each power into a single word that has no meaning, that is invented, that is false and folly, is not wise. It is not strong to do so, or virtuous, or dominant, or wise. So it is I will approach this differently than you have made word, otherwise I set you an agreement to fail as it is easy to make one a pretend word that does not exist. This word Alpha is an illusion, I as well may just call you it and then I am done, I have gained, you have lost, and I have been compelled by good faith and agreement of one who knows me to speak clearly and plainly.

This shall aid you in your quests, nothing can “make” you do a thing, or “make” you into a thing. I can not make steel out of iron with nothing else. I can however add to iron, forge it, give it experiences to turn it into steel. So it is this will be like the forging process and it will be refereed to in pact as the forging process.

I can not cause you to become things, I can aid you in them, grant you power, but you must utilize and practice that power. If I give a man the gift of archery but he only fires a bow once, he will miss the target for even the best archer must know the bow he is using."

Make what you want of it, but this is very important when making your Pacts.

So Firstly, Making a pact to actually become a High Value Man who is well respected and Very attractive and good with women is probably something I would Do before you make a Pact exclusively for marriage. And Odin is the best for this due to the fact he will give you the added benefit of Great wisdom and the ability to see through illusions if you work with him, also you can ask him to use his power of sedir to greatly alter your destiny for the better and to make sure that you become a high value man.

Its important that with Odin, he has a tendency to go back on his word with agreements if it suits him in the myths, However, if you make a blood pact with him and sign it in your Blood and Put Mead wine or Honey on top of your blood to represent Odin, then he is not gonna break the pact 99.999% of the Time.

Read the story of Loki and you will see that the Blood pact with Loki is what he adhered to the most even though Loki gave a very hard time and even killed his son, even after that Odin was unwilling to kill Loki because of the pact.

The Seccond Pact would be with a Female Marriage Goddess, lets take in this instance Frigg because she is the counterpart of Odin.

Making a Pact with Odin makes all the Aesir and Vanir want to work with you more closely but scares away the Jotunn and makes then weary of you so remember this, so Frigg will ask for less most times than she would have orignally asked if you made a pact with her without making a pact with Odin first.

As if this is personal experience, somewhat. But Odin made this clear to me in my pact that this would happen.

So you would Call up Frigg and Make a Pact and Ask her For a Long Lasting Marriage and to Manifest a Woman that is the best for you, you can put in character and physical traits but I would reccomend against it.

Once you make these Pacts you can be Sure the Gods will Manifest what you asked of them, if you adhere to the terms of the pact.

Side notes: The Goddeses will tend to Manifest women who are similar to them but all Women manifested will be high quality, so a pact with Isis will maniest differently than a pact with Frigg. And this is important to know because if you go to Hera asking to manifest the best woman for you, don’t be suprised when you have a wife who is good, (Hera was the queen of the Gods after all), but who is suuuuper jealous.

Demons and Angels you Probably don’t want to use for this Task Honestly.

What are your thoughts?


Isis was the epitome of a mourning widow. Her husband was killed and died twice. And her son beheaded her and replaced her head with a cow’s one. I wouldn’t ask her to bring me a mate. Like…honestly.


5,000 Years of Egyptian Women Disagree with you, and Astarte, Innana, and Ishtar lost their mate too and the women + Men of those civilizations still petitioned them to get love.


[quote=“PrometheusFlame, post:1, topic:110160”]
men have to become something of value and Become Strong Internally and externally before they can be in a good long lasting relationship.

Lol this is so true , and then even masculinity is attacked , sometimes it gives me a headache at what society wants , u try to beat into people’s heads masculinity is toxic , then go all the real men are gone , js being a male has a learning curve that isn’t talked about lol

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Are you speaking in behalf of all 5000 years of them?

I won’t comment about “love” and the Goddesses you set as an example (lets just keep it short and say that some of them exchanged their husband’s life to save their own self, always a great example of being in love with someone, right?).
But to go back in Isis topic, consider that their culture kinda dictated for women to have some certain…role models.

Yeah and before that, they’ve petitioned Seth for love and protection but later he became the “bad guy” so there’s that.

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Men are Made, Women are Born.

Hence why in the Mafia, when you get Initiated into La Costra Nostra you become a Made man.

Always become a Strong, Self Reliant Man, No matter what Society tells you, Most Demons, Gods, and Angels will tell you this. Yes, it is Hard but the rewards are worth it, and the Spirit world will have more respect for you if they see you working towards that goal or already arived at becoming a Strong, Self Reliant Man.


“You Either Die a Hero or Live Long enough to see yourself become a Vilian”

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Yea it’s a double edged sword , masculine energy or yang energy is action taking and fire , but if you don’t utilize it , you easily fall to low in the social hierarchies , but on the upside you got that fire and go hard at creating whatever you want

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Seems like a good article , good job .

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Yeah, this is literally true, its real fun when your life turns into some kind of example myth when you “become a living goddess”. (okay, yeah, I’m being sarcastic.) and also I am done with crazy men, or sacrificing it all for love, especially when someone isn’t capable of love because he doesn’t love himself in the first place.

I think that while we can debate on which spirits would be most appropriate we can’t debate that the principle of what is being proposed is sound. It’s given me something to think about like having a dedicated spiritual watchman ensuring that the marriage is a win no separation, non of the usual irreconcilable differences issues and certainly no divorce.