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I just ordered the last of Mark Alan Smiths tri book set…

Has anyone here done any work with the method he has outlined in the 3 book set?


[quote=“Maxx, post:1, topic:514”]I just ordered the last of Mark Alan Smiths tri book set…

Has anyone here done any work with the method he has outlined in the 3 book set?


I have Queen of Hell and The Red King but do not have the Scorpion God. Please let me know how it goes. Maybe after working through Evoking Eternity and eventually the Book of Azazel I will work through those.

I think he has some left…it cost me $122 with the exchange rate between the dollar and the euro … thanks to George Soros and his shadow gov. manipulators…


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I have Queen of Hell and Scorpion God and have had good results with both. I don’t have the Red King yet. Actually, working with the Scorpion God, Belial has come through for me numerous times.
Hail, Belial!

One word: Hardcore!!

I’ve the trilogy and currently I’m working with Hecate. At some point my life is going through a lot of changes. I feel living under some kind of “Carpe Diem” Spell! Hahaha. Everything is going fast followed with adversities, like a test for my capacities and skills. It’s soon to write more explained details. Now I have the sensation of living about “two weeks in the future”… I know what people think and what they will think a few days later!.

Not for the curious. If you are not ready it may will dangerous. Expect the unexpected.

  • In Nomine Hecate -



You know you are correct…it never dawned on me to announce these books are not for any new magician in any way…It would probably eat your ass alive and spit you out…so be extra careful…smile like Uncle Fester does and it will make your eyes bigger.

Uncle Fester

Yes Maxx… We need to smile when the fun starts!


I wouldn’t say that it’s dangerous enough to warrent a warning to beginners.
I was a beginner when I first tried it out (I still think of myself as a beginner, but it’s been a few years since I first tried out Queen of Hell) and nothing bad happened to me. Quite the contrary. Understanding how to work the book however requires som experience/knowledge since there is plenty of room for interpretation and alteration regarding the rites, and it is implied that you already know how to perform the kinds of ceremonies. So in that way, it isn’t very beginner-friendly. Emailing with Mark Smith helped me on several points (he really seems like such a nice and humble person. Someone very easy to like. I hope he will accept to be interviewed by EA at some point).

I didn’t think I was ready when I had first tried to work with it, and as Hecate didn’t seem to come into my life, I moved on to other things. Then maybe a year or two after, I felt the books call to my attention strongly again, and I thought about trying to work with it again. Before I had decided completely though, I was contacted by Hecate in a dream, after being outside in nature and meditating about whether or not to begin working with her again. The dream was more than just a simple affirmative, it was fucking awesome (I’m not going into details, but I still remember this dream to this day in detail, a couple of years after). I really liked the work for awhile, but after awhile I grew impatient and wanted more, and Hecate didn’t seem to want me to move into the directions I wanted to go (I used Tarot as a means of communication, although I was crap at tarot then, but the messages I got through the intuitive impressions the cards gave me, seemed shockingly genuine). So because of fatigue from the daily workings along with the losing interest that brought along with it, and I don’t like it when someone tells me not to do something I want to do, plus in huge part the fault of my typical irrational stupidity (I really should have stayed with the workings instead of moving on…I suck…), I decided to stop working with her, until the time came to begin working with her again.
But, on rare occation I still notice her around me in some way or another. I think she is just waiting for me to begin again from where we left off. I’m just not ready yet.

Anyways, as I wrote first, unless we are talking about the rites in the book that is supposed to bind your destiny and soul to Hecate, I don’t see how this work is “dangerous” as such, and my experience with it tells me it isn’t. Of course some freak “accident” or something can probably always happen with magic.

But I’m still a noobie, and I can be wrong.

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For those that have read this, and have no fear in dealing with this area…I submit…that each person may have a stark difference with results in dealing with this spirit realm…and I say there is not that much of a connection in my illustration of the Quija board and these books but I will use it as a good example…You have all heard the various stories…some use it once and their lives come apart because of what happens…others use it often and get nothing…but that possibility of bad result can occur. Each personality on this forum will have many different results with the same operation…just look at the comments and the many questions about some type of operation on this forum…so I am saying that one does not need to start with this system and always just approach it in a sincere way. Even EA in his books will give direction and that is what his program is all about…In dealing with these books of Mark Alan Smith, I believe the opportunity for bad connections do exist for the practitioner without some knowledge of the system or some kind of guidance from someone with a background…and Mark does state his contacts as given are not for the beginner.
One not stable in their mental makeup might find it a bit unsettleing in what you may find in this realm…

But, have at it if you like …and let us know how you fare. You may care to view how EA spoke of Belial and his interaction with his ex wife…and Belial is the final book of this series…and becoming possessed is …well…a different rite for some…and can be a result of someone not exactly knowing what they are doing with this…


I have heard of a few stories of practitioners getting into a situation they didn’t want to be in because of some magic they had worked. Such as starting to hear voices, being possessed, being drained of energy, or simply being unsettled, and other things like that. But I suspect that this was usually because the practitioners preconceptions and irrational fears made them jump to conclusions, thinking it was worse than it actually was. But in any case, none of the situations were irreversible. Something could and was always done to change the situation eventually. Sure the person might have been afraid, getting a few scars on their psyche, but there was never any real damage done to them. However, from the top of my head I can’t recall hearing any story (atleast not any story that sounds legit) where a practitioner died because of a working, lost a limb or lost his/her chance for an afterlife (cursing someone is of course another matter here. What I’m talking about is danger to the practitioner, not the target of a spell). So I have personally concluded that the fatality rate in magic is at worst insignificant and therefore can’t be considered “dangerous” in the same way as how it’s dangerous to drive a car, or dangerous to take heroin, or any of the other things in life that is considered noticeably dangerous.

Can you be scarred from doing magic, of course you can, but you can and will be scarred from most other things aswell, such as entering relationships, being taught by your parents, having friends, but none of these things are considered dangerous.

But again, I’m a noobie at this, and this is only my current perspective. I might think otherwise tomorrow, or a year from now.

Regarding the story of Belial and EA’s ex wife; I don’t recall anything damaging happen to her. Didn’t things in that rite and afterwards go well?
In any case, I don’t think of the chance of simply being unsettled and afraid as something that can be considered dangerous. No one goes through life without getting scars, and facing some portion of their fears. You can be scarred from practising magic, physical aswell as psychological, just aswell as you can be scarred from practising ballet dancing. Considering how many magic practitioners are doing well compared to how many practitioners that are dead because of a working they had done, or dead because of a demon they had summoned, or in a mental institution wearing a straightjacket, the statistics (from what I can see) shows that magic is, at the very least, far from as dangerous a subject as most people think it is.

But I don’t know. I may be completely in the wrong here. There’s still plenty in life that I don’t know of, and I haven’t heard very many stories of magic workings going wrong, so…

eternal optimism is a fantastic trait. sincere regards.

Sometimes people need to jump into hell in order to know that it’s hot.

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True. In any case, I don’t know if it’s dangerous or not. I don’t have the knowledge and experience to make such a claim. I have heard many others claim that certain types of magic is particularly dangerous, such as goetic work, but I don’t recall having heard of anything that I would say justify these claims. But based on what I can see and have heard it just doesn’t seem dangerous compared to certain other things in life that is considered dangerous.

I’d love to hear some stories and experiences people have that indicates or shows that it’s dangerous though.

Would anyone be interested in purchasing a Mark Smith book from me?

Is it other than a book of the tri series just mentioned?


I think Mark’s own words can be clarifying about if it’s dangerous or not. So, I took some quotes from “The Queen Of Hell”:

“The purpose of these teachings? Spiritual advancement. The ascension of the soul, the mind and the spirit. This is the hidden path in Witchcraft, the one that is the route against the natural current, upstream back to the source of all power” (pg. 13)

“Through these first encounters with Hecate, She enhances the being, in initiation and transmutation by altering our subtle bodies and minds thus preparing us for the forthcoming exposure to other members or Her fold, the other Witch Gods. It is the energies of many of these other teachers and guides, that in close proximity to our human form and unprepared subtle bodies may cause disturbance or even harm; without the transitional changes effected by the Goddess, elevating our own spiritual energies thus allowing us to interact with these beings” (pg. 43)

“Like Hecate, He (Lucifer) is capable of altering the frequency of His own current. Though He is less prone to step down the power. This combined with the harsher effect upon the human lifewave frequency of the solar energy can weigh down those who are unprepared for its effects, alternatively empowering those who are; strengthening the fabric of the aura whilst elevating and charging the subtle bodies” (pg. 49-50)

“The danger for those who are true to this arte, yet of limited experience are the pre-conceptions of the human mind when first encountering these great eternal beings and the reaction that this can have when infused with the veils that cover the faces of these beings, Hecate included” (pg. 52)

“It is important to note that there is a vast difference between calling an entity of the Trident either without a circle of from within a circle, and leaving a cast circle in the physical presence of that being. The latter approach is integral to an extremely powerful, ancient form of sorcery…, but which; if performed without the correct ritual procedure; could be catastrophic” (pg. 55)

“All members of the Trident elevate the spiritual energy. This is the steady transmutational effect of possession work with the Gods of the craft. Possession by each has its idiosyncracies. Lucifer may at first require you to build a tolerance to His energy, which may initially leave the physical system slightly tired, this is due to the nature of His powerful solar energy. This effect will only be experienced the first few times. It is a small price to pay!” (pg. 79)

" (Draconian Manifestation) … The Witch Gods of the Trident will aid you in the task at hand but it is you who must finalise this work, or lose control and pay the price" (pg. 165)

“There is a very real and strong risk to sanity and consequently health in the employment of some of these works without the total dedication and preparation that they require. If the rites are approached with the casual glance of the human ego then the fall could be further, and the landing much harder, than anticipated” (pg. 175)

“The environment created by Lucifer may feel unpleasant, paranoid and dangerous giving a sensation akin to the aura being crushed by a burning dark solar force so powerful it cannot be resisted… The increased manifestation of the Horned God will precede an infusion of power that will make its recipient want to scream” (pg. 196)

“(The Rite of the Phoenix) This is far the most powerful and consequently the most dangerous rite in this book of Hecatean Witchcraft… If the rite is approached with the false ego that leads one to partake in this work without the genuine inner desire to reach not only a higher power and understanding within this arte; but also the Throne of Hecate Herself in a state of permanent soul ascension; then its effects will surely cause insanity, or worse” (pg. 204)

“The Gods and spirits of the craft will test both mind and soul…” (pg. 205)

“… Without the necessary protection of the power of the Dark Energy Queen around Her child, the fire of the Gods which burns with an immeasurable intensity will become the Flames of Lucifer destroying the mind and soul. Nothing that is worth having will ever come easily” (pg. 205)

“Witchcraft is not just physical, it is mental, emotional, cosmic and spiritual. No singular element is to be left out” - Mark A. Smith


Thanks for taking the time to enter all of this…it gives a good description of what to expect…


You’re welcome Maxx!

To me this quote sums up everything about any serious magical work: “Nothing that is worth having will ever come easily” :slight_smile:

Excellent information about the books.
How would a practitioner of this current compare working with Azazel and having a pact with Azazel, and is there any incompatibility in working with both?
Thanks in advance

I can not compare the two currents because I’m waiting for the postman to receive the BOA ¬_¬
Like all, I’m here mainly for Eric’s works, and in my opinion the only incompatibility or trouble is in our minds and in any indecision regarding any magical path we take.