Marius the Vampire

I had a dream where an entity showed up and told me his name was Marius. I knew instinctively that he was a very old God, a superior Vampire. He was very lean, elegant and well dressed in a suit, lightish blue I think. He told me a few things, joked with me, then resembled an old David Bowie.

I know his real name isn’t Marius, but I am wondering who this entity really is.

He showed up when I was casting later that day. I felt and saw him in my 3rd eye etc…

Has something like this happened to anyone out there?


From Anne Rice’s novels


Can’t be. Vampire chronicles Marius always wears red velvet


yes that’s why I know the name isn’t real. I think he was appearing to me in a way that I would be familiar with, and Marius and David Bowie are in my subconscious because I have read the Ann Rice books etc

The colour of the suit has me intrigued

My first “guide” went by the name of Grendel. Sometimes they do take names that will resonate with you.

Marius, the name, is essentially “of Mars”. That may be a good place to start.


ha ha thanks, Levilevi…I was casting in the hour of Mars…!

Thats quite interesting :blush: thanks!

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