Marie Laveau's Tomb

So, I read on another thread that you can go to this site Make a love spell wish on Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau's tomb. and request from Marie Laveau, th Love Queen of New Orleans and a very powerful Voodoo spellcaster to grant you love. The problem is, I can’t get to a cemetery and I don’t have a physical altar due to the fact that I cannot let the people in my house know I’m practicing magic. So, instead, I put fruits and candies on a plate, left them on the window sill and wrote a small apology that I could not get to a cemetery nor do I have an altar, but that she please accept my offering and grant me my wish. I’ve looked all over this forum, I couldn’t find anyone saying this wasn’t or is okay. Could someone please clarify?

You done really well @atea_coli It’s ok that you cannot get to a cemetary. I replied on another post you asked directly. :slight_smile:

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I saw, thank you.

Yes that’s the same link. @atea_coli