Maria Padilha

Thought I’d leave this here for those who wish to learn more about Maria Padilla


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So is Maria Padilha for love/lust spells only or for everything?

Depends on the road of manifestation.

Maria Padilha is one of the last Pomba Giras I’d go to for to lust spells. These arent little sex fetchers like people portray them online, if you actually do make contact with her and you petition her for some stupid superficial shit youre garunteed to regret that. I think someone had already mentioned before that you dont just pick out random names in ATRs like a grimoire, you work with your own court. She is not just some dead spirit, thats what separates genuine Quimbanda lineages from the essenceless “houses” that let dead spirits mount someone who answer to an Exus name. There are plenty of spirits that can do lust work but you can just do a simple spell for that, why would you dabble with fiery entities that dont have your superficial needs in their interest?


What about that she was a Catholic folk St. before anything else. It as adoesn’t make sense if a spirit is confined to a religion when that spirits origins lay outside the religion as a deity. She was a real person like anyone else.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense to say you need to go to ATR if she was a real person who was a Catholic folk St.

Because they aren’t the same entity. Pomba Gira Maria Padilha is a specific type of entity that exists in Brazilian ADR’s. They are fiery and MUST be approached with regards to the tradition. Or you get burned. And believe me when I say, it’s not fun.
When a dead man or woman joins the legions of Exu or Pomba Gira, they are no longer “regular” spirits. They become fueled with a spiritual fire and work and act in certain ways. They have a greater agenda than getting you a fuck partner. In my experience, they have the potential to begin powerfully positive changes in yourself. Like, they help you to really, truly understand yourself. I’m immensely grateful for having them in my life, because they’ve helped me so much.


Yah brah they are the same spirit. The fact that their are different spirits with the name Maria Padia in a grouping doesn’t get rid of this it means it a grouping of spirits in a family and how you can prove this is looking at the fact that family groupings under a leader is how the 7 kingdoms got standardized so why don’t u talk about that.

Quimbamda is great but I’m not so sure what is so hard to differentiate a linha/line of spirits like Maria Padilla in the legion of Pomba Gira with Maria Padilla herself as the person herself who was Spanish/Portuguese royalty and a witch. The Exus and Pomba Giras go under the 7 Umbamda Kingdoms but moved from Orixa worship as leaders of each line or grouping to the lineages of spirits of power including dead magicians witches and shamans. Maria Padilla was European and many Quimbamda spirits of this type were people.

The reason so many Brazilian mediums dress up in outlandish capes garters suits and ball gowns is because this was the dress of prostitutes hustlers and other high society types who wore European clothes.

I don’t see why this is hard to get to people and why they won’t admit it. If someone asked if it ok to work with Queen Elizabeth no one would get all bent out of shape. Part of the protocols of spirit lines in Brazilian spiritism was founded by Zelio Moraes and his vision of the Indian Guide of The 7. Crossroads. This was to merge and unite the spirits of the peoples of the land and their traditions including Native, African, European and Christian beliefs.

The difference between the Umbamda/Quimbamda perspective goes to many racial and cultural clashes , yet if someone asking about an imported spirit I don’t see any of this being brought up as to what makes the protocols and how they exist inside religions if the spirit existed before hand.

We could have been talking about the cantos and influences from Spain on the singing to spirits that their are old books from Europe with short songs sung to Maria Padilla or Catholic necromamcy inside and outside the Church the techniques thought tonexiat during the Spanish Inquisition and how Spain has its own traditions of adopting Gypsy divination and Italian paganism and maybe this could lead to more avenues of learning even if you are not approaching Maria as a crossroads spirit of Quimbanda.

Catholicism is an initiatory tradition and if you want to get not picky why would these Christian people and Saints work with you if you weren’t baptized or gone through the other sacraments lol. No we have to be smug in explaining how no one can work with these spirits while not explaiing what the protocols they were adopted into and why, without educating people and showing that the spirit exists as a part of a large current outside Quimbanda.

Seems like some are missing the point of sharing info that is publicly available. So why not read her stories , sing her songs, get her statue , see how the Spanish venerated the dead and try it out I cannot believe we are dealing with more borderline accusations of initiation posturing when if those who were on the inside of they were so smart would read some history and connect the dots and maybe know the roots of their own traditions so they would not come off so arrogant when people are asking simple ass questions and could explain the context of how traditions developed. A lot of the darker elements of witchcraft in Brazil and Mexico come from people practicing ceremonial magic and witcraft and leavimg the country of origin because they were heretics but I guess no one cares about that cause it’s not important somehow.

As for love and sex Maria Padilla her whole life was based around romance infidelity money power and heartbreak she was cheated on a million times but still loved her king and legend says she died a horrible death . Unfucking believeable. This is why she in Quimbamda because of her power and legend as a folk hero. That and if you were European royalty you were God anointed. Exus and Pomba Giras that were people often in one context are seen as helpers of the living to work off their karma on the other hand they are sought after for their power by those that still live I’m bad circumstances like the favellas . Brazilian slavery ended about 30 years after it did in the United States that is why these types of spirits were mixed with bantue necromatic and nature traditions because umbamda was seen as conforming to white Portuguese and losing of African traditions so if your going to lecture people give them the whole story so they can learn more ok on their own this shit pisses me off so bad.

Somebody prove me wrong, prove it…with some facts

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Look, if you don’t want to believe, go ahead and try to call Pomba Gira Maria Padilha yourself. Try to sing her songs and use her pontos.

Again where are the facts. I’m noticing no response to anything said . As for calling the spirit herself that’s kinda what I have ranting about. Nothing more crazy than any other type of strong spirit. People want to work with whatever sure there can be risk. If you running around.claiming to be telling something your not in that is different than what I’m talking about and why nobody want to acknowledge the part of how this spirit became a part of a specific tradition which is not needing special initiation and even chakra meditation u supposed to have initiation. The original songs to Maria Padilla are like Spanish troubadore songs
u need initiation for that too ? Why not explain how the initiation part is related to the religions of umbanda and quimbanda and why vs the spirit herself and the tradition she originated from which has nothing to do with any African tied religions fucking rediculous the dude wants to journey through the flesh into some girl and now al of a sudden Maria Padilla is somehow not related to that fuckimg not true. Booooooooo I!********* Fucking wronmgggg.

This like saying if you pray to Jesus you fucking things up because you not initiated into the mysteries of Oxala and not explaining how Jesus is viewed by some as related to Oxala.
That like saying " Go ahead and say the Lords Prayer and make the sign of the cross, seee what happens !!!** It exactly the same thing.

And the mysteries of fire why u not talk about how that related to the African systems and how it is a mix of European and African and why the Spanish and Portugese would celebrated Maria Padilla to the point she would be mixed with Congo/Bantu stuff and how it different. Rediculous. Maria around in the 1300’s homes she not an African spirit and if you going to talk about the 7 cross road hiearxhies why not explain what they are so people can learn on their own and sort the original from the New world mix . U talking nonsense

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I’m not interested in rhetoric. Do the work or go home.

I feel you Eoui, the arguments will never stop with ATRs. Ive even noticed almost every online article practically has people arguing about the way they were taught and how their house works etc etc.
Ive come to realize that different manifestations of these currents or powers should be respected for their value whether traditional or unconventional.

As a brief note because people seem to be getting their info wrong on the differentiation betwixt Palo and Quimbanda (yes, vastly different), just because an Exu bears the mask of someone who was once living it doesnt mean your just dealing with a dead soul. Its a bit heavier then that, and even the Exus who were actual humans before became elevated through their sorcery into a sort of undead state not too different from an ‘ascended master’, or the descriptions Ive seen of the ‘secret chiefs’. Where the idea came about that Mariah Padilha is a catholic folk saint is pretty funny, again, sometimes masks are used :). I know someone whose Mother in Quimbanda is Padilha and I can tell you that She is a very wrathful manifestation often called on to incite Chaos with the ‘False Children’, she told me when Padilha rides her it usually takes a few days to get her sanity back because Her energy can be maddening.
Not someome you call on for a “lust spell”. Lmao

Quimbanda has a mix of roots from Congo, european craft, and even Native South American Shamanism in the Caboclo lineage of Pantera Preta. It is a hybrid but not a random uncalculated mix. There are specific points of ingress and congress which fuse the systems, not just slapping random shit together.
Anyway, considering that youd have to know how to call a PombaGira correctly and She’d have to be in your court to have any interest in working with you offhand, Id love to hear peoples stories so far. This threads been up awhile now but it doesnt seem like anyones tried any actual work…

Sarava Maioral


How is a human being a mask it a person the exu/pomba hora stuff and how it develop if you read what I wrote I gave a lot of point on how umbrella families develop and no it not random. If u want to say something is inaccurate say why. 90 percent of this stuff is not secret I would say the methods are. Maria Padilla being in Catholic royalty and a witch would be a high evolved dead person that would have others serve under her to create a spirit line so that is how she evolves as she shows up

I addressed the points you are enquiring about, for some reason you didnt grasp it. As far as your statement that 90 percent of ATRs isnt secret thats something only the initiated can speak on. Instead of contuing a pointless circular debate though Id rather meditate right now. Its a beautiful day for it.

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Hello all , I am Portuguese of Brazil, I worked with pomba gira and exu in quimbanda. if I can help, please let me know