Marbas Question

Just posting a few notes on Marbas. About a week ago I began noticing mentions of Marbas practically everywhere I looked on the internet. And his elegant sigil of course. I am a painter, so I am a very visual person. I am working on a new series of meditative paintings and was considering incorporating his sigil into one of them. About the same time (a week or so ago) I started noticing all these articles in media on Coronavirus (basically the new form of SARS). Earlier this week I see more mentions of Marbas. Even my fav YouTube channel by Behemoth-X (love his work) has a video posted 3 days ago titled (get this!) Speaking to Marbas and the video is about Marbas’ concern with his/ our health. And to continue this strange escalation: on Tuesday I read that Marbas cures and also brings (!!!) diseases. And 15 minutes after that I see a report on the first registered Coronavirus case in the US now, and the overall number of cases In the world now exceeding 500. Has anyone experienced this kind of communication/ information flow via Spirits? What do you think about it?


Yes Marbas is new to me, just started working with him. Ironic that you are an artist too. Awesome! I am going to do some paintings with sigils hidden, etc. So cool! But yeah, he so far has been great. And it is very true, he can cure and he can cause. Has a strong, but not unpleasant energy. Not sure what you mean by the sars thing, but that is something I hope we don’t have a problem with in the us. They will probably contain it.

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Very exciting to see a fellow artist here. If you have a link to some of your artwork I’d love to see it.
I also think that when we do our art it is a form of trance and meditation for us, so by doing art we are in fact opening ourselves up to spirit communication. What do you think?

I believe so, we are at least receiving creative inspiration. At the moment, most of my pieces have been sold. I am currently working on a painting that contains a spell, so yes I agree that it is like a trance of sorts, and I am going to continue working on this while connecting with my entity. I just started it.

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I am also a musician. When I play songs that others have recorded, I don’t get that same inspiration, but when I connect and pick up my guitar, it just flows out of me, and I’m able to come up with very unique riffs, it feels awesome. :grin:

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Yes, I have experienced this before. I would advise you to let them know that you are aware of their calling and attempt to work with them. They can help you in a particular part in your life. The callings can be constant and demanding because they might really need to contact you. The best thing to do is acknowledge the call and seek why they are calling you. It’s your choice.

I hope this helps you.


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