Marbas question about treating speech impediments

I’m curious if the Goetia spirit Marbas is suitable and can help me with speech impediments which I mean the impossible to say letter “R” properly.
Small issue, but it bothers me when I speak to someone or when I record my voice to make notes and I listen that later.


Which kind of r are we talking about? Which language and is it your mother language?

Generally practicing can help, but you probably already know that. There are several specific exercises for pronouncing the r, depending on which language.

If it’s your mother language, you probably always had that problem, ever since you learned talking, right? Do you know if it has a physical cause?

Well, I used to go to speech therapist when I was in primary school, but it didn’t help.
I heard from that specialist that small tongue surgery can handle with that, but I didn’t want it.
My native language is polish.

Ankyloglossia? This is actually not so uncommon, it really is only a small surgery. But if you don’t want it, I guess why not try Marbas, yes.