Marbas petition


i recently researched “healing/healers” spirits and Marbas came to mind.

Dowsing resulted in positive answers concerning the work, affinity and the entity.

The details:

The setting was not in my home.

No sexual activity for a day and no meat.

Bath then a strongly white sage infused bath.

A yellow/orange candle carved with the sigil of Marbas.

Orange paper for the hand drawn sigil and petition.

A sample of the person.

Raw chicory and brewed chicory as offerings

Prayers bead

Marbas Enn.

The work:

The Enn was repeated till the need to recite the petition was felt.

Calling, presenting the offering, the request, the offer(s)/rewards for the work.

The sample was placed on top of the sigil during the request.

Dowsing was positive for the offerings, the work and rewards.

No banishing but mundane activity (cooking) as grounding following the work.

Candle was left burning during the night.

Both offerings were also left during the night as indicated when dowsing.

Nothing was felt except slight tinnitus during the work.

Sharing these details was part of the rewards.

Io Marbas!

Good day to you.

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