Marbas for medical studies

I was thinking on which spirit I felt the most drawn to, that could help me this semester with my classes. And Marbas kept coming up in my mind.

I was also thinking of the giant load of stuff I would need to somehow learn and remember. I know what my classes are medical terminology, and human anatomy. I was like how can i remember all this, and i think Marbas gave me a great idea. Even though i havent done an evocation or anything.

It was like i thought about how you see latin used alot with magic. Marbas said to write out spells but use medical terminology to do it. Like if i want to do a spell for a specific body part use the med term for it. And write a spell, I write poetry alot so i can combine. It will help me remember the school side and help me become better with magic. A win , win.

I think Im gonna like this Marbas !!

I found his sigil too. So i hope to do an evocation soon and tell him how grateful I am for his help.


It is interesting to note that Marbas can cause or heal diseases. :thinking:

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I think i will also work with King Paimon. Who can help with studies but also a few other things Im interested in.

I think that will be enough, Marbas and Paimon. I dont want my brain to fry from information overload.

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So i did do an evocation of Marbas last night. I wasnt exactly sure what to expect. But i think for my first one it went ok.

I lit a white candle, and had some honeysuckle incense. I havent read if he likes it or not but it was all i had and i didnt feel like it was upsetting.

I had printed out a copy of his sigil, but i think next time i will try draw it myself. I think it will feel more personal. I didnt use blood but he didnt seem to care.

I sat in a small circle i drew out with chalk. And asked Marbas to please come inside. After several long minutes that felt like hours , i finally felt a presence. I do believe it was Marbas. It felt like he sat beside me but my eyes were closed.

He said, i will help you with your studies. But first you have some things to do.

I asked what.

He said everything happens in another plane first before it comes to existence. Desease is in spirit realms before it is manifest. You can do things to stay protected and keep sickness from manifesting and then needing a doctor.

It happens in spirit realms first , then it is manifest on this plane, once here you can still take measures to stop it, like washing your hands, eating healthy, exercise, vitamins to boost the immune system.

But even then you can get sick. Like if you wash your hands in a public bathroom and then grab the door handle with your hand instead of using a paper towel to open the door and then trashing it. You may pick up some ugly germs. You may fight them off and never be aware or they could make you very sick.

If you had protected your self in a spiritual sense first its far less likely to occur.
Thats how many curses work. People arent protected so its easy to set things in their path. And many people curse themselves with their own mindsets.

So first before you can get started you need to work on yourself, in the spiritual sense.

So i asked how?

He said to look up meditations and to find a method that works for me. He also said to work on my chakras. He said, i know you dont know that much about them but you have read some articles and you would do well to try it.

He said that is all for now. When your classes start call for me again and we will do more.

So the feeling of him being beside me left and i sat there a little longer thinking about what he said. It sounds solid.
Plus it gives me something to do for the next two weeks.



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That is very cool! I really like a president Marbas . I’m a doctor myself and would have loved to be into the occult and known about this in med school. Here are some tips for working with President Marbas.

Orange candles copal incense and cinnamon rolls I think I’ve offered him a shot of espresso also. Good luck in med school and good luck in your works with President Marbas.

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Thank you! Im excited to get into it!

And thanks again! I will certainly give these a try!

May i ask which field of medicine you practice?


Epidemiology I’m a preventive med specialist with an MPH. It’s a nerdy job but someone has to do it lol!

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Hey nerdy people make the world go round! I think its pretty cool! :nerd_face:

Can you tell if being a magician has been beneficial to your work?


Actually it has helped me in a lot of aspects in my life including work. I have a very obsessive work ethic, and sometimes I protect or take care of my subordinates maybe a little to much. So I’m that aspect I’ve grown a lot as in my intuition/patron warns me of when I need to keep my mouth shut, and I figure out the real problem and figure out how to get the best result from a shitty situation. Also my patron spirit also helped me with a promotion so yes it does have its perks.

I think you will learn alot from President Marbas not only in your med school program but you will also learn alot about yourself and what you are capable of doing. What I mean by this is you have to put in the work to reap the benefits. Med school at least during anatomy and physiology will be a pain in the neck. Lots of memorization, but with president Marbas on your side it will be easier but the work will have to be done regardless.

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Yeah that part has me intimidated, so much to remember. But Im glad i found this place and Marbas.

Thank you for sharing your experience its been really helpful to see that it is worth it and it does help.

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Tomorrow im going to evoke King Paimon and see if he is willing to help me with my medical and magical studies as well.

Wish me luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Hello, there.

I’m now at a point where I am finishing my studies but I want to get into medical school after my first degree. Should I ask Marbas for help? Can he do that?


I’m perceiving Marbas as a pretty calm and laid back entity who seems pleased whenever someone decides to dedicate their life to a medical purpose.
I guess the field can always need help.
So I think it’s definitely worth asking.


Sounds like I’ve been searching for him (or he for me? :thinking:)

I will definitely call him.


I did do an evocation for King Paimon. It seemed to be really noisy for a few minutes but then things got calmed down. I was was hoping for his help on my particular quest and he agreed. I still had to use honeysuckle incense as i havent had time to get a dufferent type. And i offered a peice of expensive choloclate that i only eat for a special occasion.

He didnt seem to have any problems with this. It felt like a huge presence in my circle space. Like he was taking up all the room.

But he said to make a sigil for my purpose. That it would help open up my subconscious to the task at hand. And that i could go back and use it over again.

So i went to a sigil maker and made my first sigil.

Im excited to use it and cant wait to get started on my great undertaking.

Thank you, King Paimon.


So far Ive evoked Marbas and Paimon and asked for their help with my work. And they agreed. Both have given excellent advice and starting points.

It feels like something is changing, like Im moving forward and taking control of things.

Not sure if i will have time to do much today. But hopefully, i will get something in.