Marbas and Blood

So Marbas it seems is trying to make contact using startling synchronicities and various other means. One of the most interesting thing that happened was a few minutes ago, before coming to the forum. His name entered my thoughts while I was coding as I’ve been considering calling on him to give me of his genius . I would assume this includes computer programming as he gives knowledge in mechanical arts. Tell me if i’m wrong.
Anyway, I had been debating because last night he asked for blood using unwavering mental images (Its a huge chore for me to give blood if im going to be honest).
Now before typing my online destination I spaced out, nothing really out of the ordinary. But in this state I just started typing not really conscious of what I was doing or typing. When I came to, I casually looked at the search bar and I read what was typed and it said “call on marbas”. It made an impact because I know it was never my intention to type that into the address bar. Has anyone had experiences with Marbas wanting blood?? Did you get results?

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Hes great dont br afraid i promise he help you in more ways than you think go meditate 10 minutes take a piece of paper an ink make his sigil gaze it until lines start disapearing cal him with his enn about 2-5 minites talk to him like hes there and put your blood on it 5 drops will do. I also had expiriances seeing a face of a lion with the side of my eyes or getting angry and roaring kinda like one . He also healed my foot wich i had injured in training and my lungs which dident have much problem but still cigaretes do damage and works great with raphael and lucifer.

Marbas doesn’t necessarily require blood. But if you feel comfortable to do so, I wouldn’t hesitate. He’s a good spirit and will absolutely give intelligent gnosis on many subjects as well as to heal. My suggestion, although not knowing your situation, would be get a box of diabetic lancets from your local pharmacy and do it that way. However, if you’re on blood thinners or have hemophilia, I would avoid