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Hi, I did an evocation of Marbas with the purpose of someone breaking hips (it is the only way they will have hip replacements that they need because they are in extreme pain), they won’t voluntarily have the operation done. Is 4 days too short a time frame? I don’t think so given the damage is severe already but was hoping for advice on this.

Be careful, broken hips may be harder to replace, and hip fractures have a shockingly high mortality rate for several years after the fracture occurs in anyone over the age of fifty.

Find a better way is my STRONG advice - for example, the right new medic who impresses upon the person the need for this operation, or find some information on why they need this.

Plkease search their age & sex plus the words mortality rate hip fracture, I’m not fussing over nothing here, it’s a really serious thing. :smiley:



Thank you for the reply. Yes I have all the information already. She was on a waiting list and refused to even see the specialist and refuses to talk to her doctor about it. She is almost to the point of being in a wheelchair the joints are that worn and painful. However a break means emergency surgery. I spent 4 years trying to get her to get her eyes tested for reading glasses however she outright refused. Then went by herself. It ends in an argument if I even mention it. She is under that age group and will not get a second opinion. I haven’t done this lightly.

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Fair enough, I don’t really know about timeframes but if you impress upon him the need for a prompt result, that should help.

The time frame works in with another evocation of Duke Sallos getting an ex to call me to talk (it’s complicated). It was thought of after so I have to work within the timeframe of that evocation.

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It may be worth evoking the Higher Self of the person and asking them to please drop all resistance to this happening, and/or of course to find a way to get the person on the phone asking for this op.

I don’t know if the HS is definitively like an oversoul that looks out over the less-wise embodied self, but I do know that when you treat them that way, that is how they tend to respond.

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Brutally honest, I need a break. She has become somewhat of a recluse and is dragging me along too. The positive and negative aspects cancel each other once you bring the effects of her decisions on my life into it as well. I can’t go out without an argument. I can’t become involved with anyone. I want children but I can’t even date because of her response. She knows she is being selfish but said during one argument she doesn’t care. Doesn’t care that when she dies I have no one to lean on. I am becoming isolated and I need for her to be forced to be away from here for a while. There’s a lot more too. I could fill pages.


It sounds like this person is a pretty toxic influence in your life, the best option may be to either remove yourself from their life or remove them from yours via banishing and let them sort themselfs out.
I’ve had to deal with my share of toxic people and this is one solution that can work out for all involved.

Doesnt have to be a baneful working either. When i was doing work to banish toxic people from my life i did it with the intent that all involved be blessed. Only ones who had a really shit time as a result were the ones who tried to stubbornly stick around the area. But again all depends on the end result your after, i prefer people learn and grow if possible so i try to weave this intent into my magick.

If i knew then what i know now i would been a bit more precise with my wording in this regard.:thinking:

Hope things turn out well for you.

If you are in the UK you should be able to contact CAB or Age Concern to deal with her or to get some respite care through your doctor.

Unfortunately some people who have conditions such as this become extremely self centred and selfish, as do the elderly - it is all about them. It may be an idea to call in a healthcare worker to evaluate her and actually QUESTION if YOU are the best person to care for her.

Believe it or not, and I know it is so very difficult for you to see this at this moment in time, there is light at the end of the tunnel; but you need something slightly bigger than a teaspoon to dig yourself out this, and that means that you need to plan out your escape in whatever way you can.

You have a right to a life, to work, to love, to sex, to freedom, to happiness, to be the best you can be for yourself.

In Australia and unfortunately don’t meet the requirements to qualify. She medically simply is not bad enough. It’s a personality thing.

You have no equivalents in Australia? Nothing like attendance allowance etc.

Here’s a question - what happens if you simply walked out, grabbed your stuff and walked. Do you actually stand to lose anything given this person’s nature. Do you stand to gain anything by by being there? Are you there out of duty; out of love; desperation; low self esteem… I don’t know.

This will sound totally mercenary, and if you don’t have siblings (which would add to this interesting equation), you have now devoted how many years to this I presume family member who is treating you live a slave, actually abusing you from what I understand - what benefit is to you to stay in that situation?

Where is your support, where are the rest of the family?

You don’t need to answer this here - you need to ask yourself. In fact don’t answer this here as it is crawled by internet bots and spiders.

The person may have psychological issues, but why are you their carer, why do you need to give up your life?

I’ve encountered individuals with psychological conditions who’ve used, yes used their conditions as a form of ‘learned helplessness’ in order to manipulate and coerce others. Their bad behaviour brushed away as being part of their condition when no, it’s bad behaviour as they function quite normally otherwise.

If people don’t believe you and the abuse you’ve taken - record this person’s vitriol.

I know for a fact you have Citizen’s Advice in Australia or its equivalent. I know they also have clinics at some universities where you can find out what your personal rights are.

Magick is a complementary - you also need to fix the mundane - you need to be strategic and plan.

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I won’t explain all the things with this here, but know I have exhausted all avenues. The ones that are there are either not willing because of their own rules or well, it just isn’t going to happen. Walking isn’t an option because it strips me of the little I have. I care about this person, I want them to have the op so they regain mobility and independence. It’s years on a waiting list that they had the opportunity to be on and refused. That was 4 years ago. The waiting list to get on the waiting list is over a year with wait times for the op 3 years or more. Emergency surgery would be immediate in the case. Recovery the same amount of time regardless.

Contact Belial to get through the waiting list.

Contact Marbas to fix the hips.

Contact King Paimon to change their mind about the operation.


Ok guys, appreciate the advice. Can we move on now please as no one is actually answering my question. Not to sound narky or anything but options have been weighed. I know the personality. I will probably ask for help in changing the persons personality. Thanks for the help. I appreciate everyone is trying to stop me making a mistake I might regret.

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How exactly do you contact the HS?

One method is simple evocation, another method is soul travel, the main way HS’s are contacted is via travelling to the “Upper World” in the model used by core shamanism.

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