Mapping Tarot Court Cards to Enochian Spirits

Im a long way off from touching enchain, let alone understanding it; I do want to know how to map each of the court cards:
Fire Bitom
Water Hcoma
Air Exarp
Earht Nanta
Air tablet names: Oro Ibah Aozpi
The Knights or the air suit of the court card element. So for Air, we have Exarp, Bataiva, Bataivh, Habioro, Aaoxaif, Htmorda, Ahahozpi, Hipotga, Avtotar.
I wouldn’t know what calls to do, or what any of these do aside from the Enochian King of the Air tablet, but the point – where does the tarot knight fall into the given tablet - which subtablet?

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