Many after lifes ago

I remember very well a 1,000 after life ago, i was very advanced in the after life Demon arts, a very special kinds of sorcery that does not exist in this earth plane of humanity, i remember what happen, had to take it in turn, i notice something very shonkie going on, the idiot was keep on telling keep on jumping infront of him, well i thought fuck this, i told her fuck this your fucking got it in for me i start getting into after life, necromancy which is designed to stop a soul the black magician die, and convinced her never see me in after life ever again, get stuck on Earth, and never know after life ever again, she warned me, i will miss, i told her that is for bracking rules of after life, for stopping me achievement of after life Dark godlike powers, after life necromancy seem to have worked to well, i spent 1,000 after lifes in this same universe from beginning to the full life span of this universe, and experience when our universe closing beeing crushed by the university, until going through the big bang 1,000 times, that many after lifes, i got to a stange i did forgotten what the after life was like, then that was last life, the last life span of known Universe i got sent to Hell i ascended with Lucifer to above the stars of God to be like the most high, over 1,000,000,000 years ago then i got born on the 15/07/1969, now i am 48 years old i think it may be happening again.

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