Manticore Experiment

So as some of you know I have taken the time to enslave a manticore with the help of @anon68160656 's Khulari Runes and their Magick, combined with my magical prowess, purely because it decided to attack me and I had no other resources capable of dealing with it. In it’s time with me it had been exceptionally obedient. Lately I’ve received synchronicities involving this magickal Persian species such as the one at the end of this post on my personal Facebook account and page. The screenshot will explain what a manticore basically is. So far my personal manticore has been very loyal and great at the tasks I’ve given it be it protection or others.

^with that being said I’ve decided to hunt manticore and attempt to work with them. I will post my findings here as well as some manticores, that is if they permit me to do so. I will do my best to not imprison them, however as I’d like to have unrestrained contact with one.
Talk soon,



This is interesting. I recently created some Manticore servitors.