Mansur Al Hallaj

Not sure how many people are familiar with him? He was a 9th and 10th century Islamic mystic who eventually was condemned to death. From what I’ve been able to read of his poetry he nails something spot-on. While overall I’d neither consider myself LHP or RHP (I think they both have their application) - this is the sort of thing that keeps me striving inward, incredibly moving stuff:

I saw my Lord with the eye of my heart
I said: who are you? He said: You
“Where” with you has nowhere
And there is nowhere where you are
Illusion with you has no illusion

Can illusion know where you are?
You are the one who gathers every “where”
To nowhere, so where are you?
In my annihilation my annihilation perished

And in my annihilation I found you
In the effacement of my name and the outline of my form
I asked about me so I said: You.
My inmost secret pointed to you

Until I was annihilated to myself, and you remained
You are my life and my heart’s secret
Wherever I may be, you are.
You encompass everything with knowledge
All that I see is you

So grant forgiveness my God
For there is nothing I wish for other than you

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