Mankind gave birth to deities?

And if… Everything was a mental construct?

Deities, spirits, angels, demons, gods are a product of our mind, our collective consciousness?
Thoughts are energy, after all…
And if… When we’ll die, simply we’ll die?
No hell, no heaven… Just worms.

Energy can’t be destroyed. While you might not retain your present concept of who you are, the essence of you will continue on, in some form or another. We are all immortal.


If that’s the case and from all this present and future work, I don’t ascend into exactly what I believe I will be, I’m going to be one righteously pissed speck of dust in my grave :joy:

Some questions regarding that no-one has satisfactorily answered, yet:

Regarding death, consider that if we are capable of doing amazing stuff from childhood like co-creating gods etc., and retrieving info we have no conscious or subconscious access to (this btw is not one of the questions above) - why would we not be able to keep our consciousness running after death?