Hello everyone. So, I want to ask which demon is best suited for a beginner like me who wants to manipulate someone. My dad is failing on his promise he made to my mom and me and my siblings. He prefers the words of outsiders and he practically left us because of them. I’ve read that King Paimon is beat suited for this but I want to know from the experience of others who have worked with him if this is true. Thank u


Hi @Nomura01, King Paimon would be one to go to. I’ve worked with him and he’s has done wonders for me. He works fast (in my experience) and he’s very patient with beginners. Just make sure you make it a point to always address him as KING Paimon, and not just Paimon, that will thoroughly piss him off, and you’ll know it. Don’t let that deter you, because as long as you are respectful with him, he’s an amazing spirit to work with, he’s just so kind and patient & I simply adore him.

I really do hope you find success with him.


Subjectively? King Paimon wants you to work with him for your goals. It’s not a free pass.
Objectively? He is one of the easier ones to work with from what I have read however not the best if you are not determined in your goals / path.

My suggestion for best beginner spirits are Lucifer, or Gabriel. Manipulation, at least in my experience, comes from your own willingness to work with the spirit. Lucifer and Gabriel seem to be the best at guiding people to who they need to work with directly from what I’ve read here and elsewhere.


King Paimon is definately a good one to work with when it comes to manipulating. Just be sure to have an offering for him and be very respaectful he is very big on respeat also he expects you to do your part also. He’ll help but if there is a part that you have to do he expects you to do your part as well. You should be fine just read up on him so you know what to expect.


Thanks and dont worry, I have enough determination to challenge a river. All I need is to clear my head and put my mind into it. Thank u for the advice

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Thank u very much. Also, I was trained at a young age that respect takes u a long way, so that wont be a problem. Thank u very much


It always makes me happy to read what you have to say about King Paimon <3


Hello! What kind of offerings would be best for him?

He is very fond of chocolate and ssweets in general I’ve done offerings from nicely cooked steaks to high grade chocolate and very nice teas.


Now that’s some other level black metal stuff, he does seem to be very helpful.

As to OP, I think you might benefit from checking this out, scroll it down until you reach the mind control session, hope it helps