Manipulating ourselves to succeed?

Now i was supposed to be linking a free book here, but i guess that it wasn’t so free after all as it is removed from scribd.

But i can tell you what it was about…

Actually there are two books about this subject, “How to change your life without willpower or effort” by James Cullinan. And - “The Sure-fire way” by Stella Scott.

And i’m trying to reveal the base principle in this post.

So the idea is basically that what your subconscious believes is what you will create/have/belive etc in life, so if you program your own subconscious mind you can have what you want, you can be sure about your magical skills and therefore succeed. NOW i don’t claim that this is truth, which is the part of reason why i’m posting this, so we can discuss about it - and maybe even experiment with it.

The method in the books consist of recording tapes that you will listen with headphones while sleeping/almost sleeping on a position that was supposed to be face upwards and hands on the side (which is quite hard position for me to sleep, and i’m not sure is this necessary but so the book sayeth) on these tapes you are supposed to repeat yourself the thing you want to believe/want to be the truth for several times lets say from 5 to 10, and then you can change your wording a bit and do this until the tape is … lets say 10 minutes long - and then you can hear it over and over again. You want to speak on pleasant but clear voice on the record.

The books have some ready to go affirmations, but i’m already giving too much information by spoiling the whole idea of these books so i guess you can find out how to write the affirmation yourself, but obviously they are ought to be something that is positive for you :smiley:

Other ideas to make this easier, or boost it would be nice to hear on this thread. Also if someone thinks this could be more harmful than productive would be nice to hear. Also you could write your own idea of affirmations here. etc etc / other concepts like this

Yes it’s a concept used pretty liberally in modern psychology (cognitive therapy).

The term is called neuro-linguistic programming. You can read more into it but it’s mainly just repeating a way of thinking in your head until it reflects in your actions and then you do it subconsciously from there-on out. Very valid, very little to do with magick but you could obviously use magick to accentuate the effects. Paimon could probably help you restructure thoughts, but don’t ask him for something silly obviously.

I cannot tell you in this thread with which demons i’m working at what - But i do know what NLP is, and this has much to do with magic - as it can be to enforce your believes in magic,your skills,and entities.

Magic is about using the powers of the mind, this is about using powers of the mind and programming those powers. This has everything to do with magic.

Anything that helps oneself to access their mind better, will also help in magical means.

Also “The sure-fire way” is sold as help book considering magic “To make spells, rituals & mind power work” so yes, this is the right place to discuss this.

Devil’s advocate mode - define, “silly”? :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t bother Paimon with making me stop listening to katy perry or something. Something menial that could be solved by me not being a spineless moron would be disrespectful in my mind. Also a waste of time to do an entire ritual for something that could be solved with a little more willpower (why not ask for that instead?)

As for NLP for use in magic, yes I agree it is definitely useful here, especially for those with hard to remove skepticism. I didn’t mean to say it has no purpose here, far from that friend. It’s definitely useful and I use it all the time and encourage anyone else to do it.

Well i doubt that anyone is asking kings to simply stop them listening to Katy Perry, but if someone does shall the kings be ones to decide if its a problem large enough to be taken in action by demonic forces :smiley: … Or shall the summoner be sent to torment.

But yeah, this is also a method that can be used to stop listening Katy Perry without taking a risk that a demon only gets pissed or prefers Katy Perry.

/ i know it was an example, so was this.

Katy Perry
King Paimon


Coincidence? Open your eyes sheeple!!!


Can’t be coincidence especially because one dude has tattoo on he’s arm with letters K.P claimed it meant hes name and last name,- but must mean either Katy Perry or King Paimon. or both etc etc

Its even the day of mercury!

I agree somehow with black flame.Theta waves and trance methods are necessary in any magical work, because you can access your subconscious more easily in these states.From then you can plant anything you want to manifest and the subconscious will do the job in a miraculous way because it’s connected with everything and it can affect everything.Now i’m not sure how entities make their way to rearrange the reality for us,but i suspect that they are seeding and programing our subconscious with what we ask from them.I can’t think of any other way that an entity can interfere with humans and make changes in the 3d world.

We are prisoners of our programming until we obtain a magical mindset and are able to rise above it. Unfortunately, this magical mindset doesn’t last. So what’s a clever sorcerer to do? Use those brief moments of lucidity to engineer new programming which will produce more frequent magical mindsets.

The idea of reality check used in lucid dreaming is the same idea. If you can make useful alterations to a concept as evidenced with reality checks, why stop there? Why not redo the whole thing? That what I call the Great Work.