Manipulating atoms

is it possible to manipulate atoms like dr.Manhattan style? I know if t is possible it would take years to master.


Telekinesis is possible but depending how you want to “affect” the world. Some people in chaos magick think to seem to change the course of the universe by having their will change quantum reality. I suggest you look into atomic physics. I am of the opinion that if you know something as much as possible, then you know what to change.



One thing i do know is that the a selected group of celestials are singing the universe, and if something changes their work it may surely just end up being sung over again. The universe is constantly being sung, so to have any major change done youd have to be a powerful musician capable of cloaking yourself and traveling at the highest speeds

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oh damn, gotta keep that in mind.

Hello there; I’m a medical scientist who also has training in theoretical physics. I should probably offer an opinion here.

I completely agree with @Zurvan; to change something, by magick or any other means, you must understand it in as much detail as you possibly can.

With that said, splitting atoms isn’t anything like splitting macroscopic objects. It’s not like you take a really, really tiny peach (so tiny that it’s a single atom) and cut it in half so that it becomes two half-peaches. I strongly recommend you check out the Wikipedia article on Nuclear Fission, read it in detail, and ensure you completely understand it at least conceptually before proceeding.

After all, what you are trying to do is induce fission using only your mind. Not impossible, just exceedingly difficult.