Manipulate the masses to stop wasting food and water

How do we do this. So much food and resources are being wasted all the time.
How do we make people stop doing these things:
1.Throwing away water bottles
2. Wasting food
3. Not turning off the lights when they leave a room

So much is being wasted all the time. Why do these people expect to live here when they are wasting earth’s resources?


Big objective and initiative. I say create an egragore where many people focus on it to feed / charge it.


Earth-chan can be considered an egregore for that exact purpose, perhaps you could apply a telesmatic sigil to the image of Earth-chan and program the resulting egregore to dissuade people from wasteful habits. A lot of people already recognize the concept so it would already be memetic

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I agree with the previous users. Egregores would be perfect for that. Either gather people from around the forum to help make one or take an existing character and form it into one. If you need help in any of it don’t hesitate to ask

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You can also drain the power of the wastefulness and use it for your own gain.

Sigil Spell to Drain Disruption and Fuel Success

Good luck using majik against me. I used to prescribe to the idea of eat all your food even if you are full because “the starving kids (in some foreign land).”

Yet, this also leads to obesity and other health issues. One side starves the other dies of over consumption, the irony of life.

What we need are better means of recycling, renewable resources, and people willing to help others without condition.