Manifesting elemental thoughtforms

during december and the first part of january I went through a series of evocations. I broke through to a certain entity that asked to remain anonmyous for this post. However, I can explain its traits. Very clairovoyant and has taught me exercises i have not heard/read anywheres else. So after working with it for a few weeks, I opened up my ritual and began to gaze at the sigil, waiting for my brain waves to sync up. A new sigil was revealed to me. I was given a personal sigil to bind the elementals. So I used the elemental kings from evoking eternity.

Now, i have worked through all the elemental kings. I have developed an astral temple the way that was given (almost identical) in ben rowes short coarse on skrying. I havent read it in about a year or two. Now, my question, or rather my block is how can a person take what is on the etheral plane and bring in down to physical manifestation. Most of my info has been coming from fire (djinn) but all of the elements are having their part to play.

I almost see how this is going to go but, things arent adding up. Does anyone have any experience with this?

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Not sure exactly what your question is, most would say evocation is the best way to use non-physical means to change the physical. If you are talking about binding the elements, then maybe that’s where things aren’t adding up for you. Binding the elemental energy is an internal alchemy, not sure how to explain. More of a mastery over what those elements represent, as in their attributes, personalities/emotions, spiritual abilities, etc. More of a balancing yourself from all perspectives; a difficult task to be honest, a lot of self introspection and you may not like what you see; but a task well worth it in the end.

A lot of problems people have in magick is they always focus on the outer entities and how to contact them, but never the things within them selves that are holding them back from progress. A closer look at your own elemental imbalance, by ‘binding’ or solidifying your grasp on them and what they are and incorporating that into yourself, will make progress much easier and ease attachments in general.

So from your post I would say that just by the term of binding the elements that it would be something you discovered in an ethereal plane and is something you need to take care of within yourself, your own physical being and emotional mind.

If you can give a more specific reason for the need to bind then maybe give you a better answer. But from my experience elementals can be used to bring change in the physical (not close to the level as angels and demons), but are mainly used to change something here (in the physical) within yourself.


seeing that you say that. Internal alchemy is definately taking place. I just got through, evoking djinn through ghob. I was given the sigil with the direction of binding them to master control of each element with my life. Really cool experience so far. Thanks for noting that.

While working with fire, the idea spoke of was manifesting a thoughts or scenario could be brought from that plane to mine. This really doesnt make sence so I will tell one of my visions to illustrate my point.

While working with the anon entity, i kept popping up in the downtown area of a city I used to live in. After that at some point every elemental brought me to that place. I always started in my astral temple, then through the mirror, then through the same (wormhole!) entrance in the same street corner. So I physically go there one night only to find an etheral mist or cloud in that area. It looked like fumes from a gas can.

In the spirit of alchemy, how can a person fluctuate changes through that? I was informed that I harness the power to do so, but every entity has been dead silent in this area. So Im letting this sink in and do what I can to solve what appears to be a math problem.

I hope this makes sence, because I have a hard time explaining it in my journals.

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from my experience, going through the fire element is on the verge of a comversation with your HGA or true self (or what ever you call it). You would have a hard time expalaining this since you have no frame of reference for the HGA. I’m thinking you need to push this and see where it takes you. Perhaps a blind ‘invocation’ is needed. Bring that energy in to yourself (the element of fire) and see what happens. Let me know if this works for you. If not then mabe do some divination as to where you need to procede, some times that is best as the divination will come from you and only you can give yourself the best answers.

Aslo keep in mind that my experience with the elements comes through working through the tree of life, so I am coming from that point of view, your path through the elements may be different.


again as you have noted. I have had my tarot cards close at hand, especially since starting with the elements. I have started using them during my evocations to gather certain aspects of each element. I have touched base with all elementals then went back through using the ace of each suit. Now im combining them, which is kinda tugging me towards enochian work.

However, HGA conversations would be legit. I am familiar with the Bornless ritual. But if there is a way to chart that sort of destination, im open to expirement. This is such an organic process that is pretty unique. so I wouldnt be surpised to hear back from someone saying there are many ways to skin a cat, find your own.


I am posting this for a friendly update.

As my experience with this sigil has grown. Most of my workings as been through EVOCATION of the elemental kings (again from evoking eternity) with much insight into a working with INVOCATION of what appears to be a watchtower ritual?

So to work this out, would an evocation of the archangels be necessary? Or would an invocation of the archangels hit more at home?

As my experience grows, working with the elementals has been a more intimate procedure than most evocations I have performed. Partly because my attention has become aware of the daily use of each element on the physical plane. Sort of like seeing an image or hearing a sound in your head, then drawing that image or recreating that sound through an instrument. Its safe to say (for me) Balance is being restored, im not there yet but I feel like im on the right track. So using these elementals seems more archtypeal than physical. However, in the physical I can feel a resonance of what im doing in the astral.

So from experience, does this sound like its in the ballpark? Any comments, suggestions, critisims?

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So to work this out, would an evocation of the archangels be necessary? Or would an invocation of the archangels hit more at home?

great post King!!

From my experience, when performing the LBRP I am definitely “evoking” the archangels. At least this has been my experience. But separate or “multiple” evocations of all four might be something interesting to look into. Another way might be an invocation but why?..performing the LBRP would quickly resolve this issue.

The Supreme Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram is another option where not only your evoking the archangels but attuning to the elemental forces in preparation for whatever rite you do next. Be aware that this rite is an expanded version of the LBRP but its effect is about 10x more powerful, …and exhilarating.

well, S.V.E, I really appreciate your advice. I would have to say working with the elements via various pentagram rituals has really helped me attune my awareness to a better understanding of the world around me. I really had to grind out an evocation for each archangel and the elemental kings to remove the blocks and understand what “makes things tick.” taking the time to work through each element and explore their realms is worth the time and very rewarding. I would suggest it to anyone who would ask me.

As for results working with elements worked for me. I was trying to bang my head against the wall and get a manifestation of a few desires I was after without dealing with a certain angel or demon. I was looking for a small army to get the job done in various aspects. I was left with a better understanding of myself and my environment where I could get the job done myself instead of having it handed to me. I may not have got what I wanted, but I got a better understanding on how I could get it myself. As disappointing as that may sound, I appreciate it a lot more.

Now, I know that each element is a part of me (if not me?) bound together by spirit. I really do not do the LBRP, or other variation, too much. Its more of an internal process, if that makes sense? Dont get me wrong I have the respect of said rituals, but never formally do them. I live it so that is good enough for me.

Thanks for your reply, if you have any more experiences/advice I would love to hear it.

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