Manifesting a husband

I want to know the best way to use Magick to discover my soul mate?

Tul, a demon said to know all matters related to soulmates. I’d ask for the nearest soulmate type, not necessarily one you’ve had in other lifetimes, just the nearest match for you.

I called him up for a friend last August, then asked for advice for me on a failing relationship and three days later met the man perfect for me. Not perfect, but perfect for me. We almost didn’t meet like 20 different ways. I almost went out instead of staying home, he almost didn’t come to my home for my roommate’s work party… several reasons why neither of us wanted to be there, none of them were the same, but we both felt compelled to be there at the last minute.


soul mate is one and many people you form a unique bond with, maybe manifest a potential boyfriend first, because the rest of the work is up to you both.


Yeah id stay away from the whole soul mate terminology. It can be very vague.

So, you’re basically asking, who’s the right person for you? Well, I don’t want to take away all the romance from your life lol but let me tell you this, there is no right person or soul mate for any individual on this planet.

If you put your heart into something, something may become wonderful. Nobody ever found the right person or their soul mate anywhere. If you get into that kind of unrealistic mindset that “I have found the right person, I have found my soul mate!” oh you will be soon disappointed.

First thing is to see is whether “I am the right person?.” we must understand that relationships are formed for various needs. There are physical needs, there are psychological needs, there are emotional needs, there may be financial needs, various kinds of needs.

So when you’re going to somebody with so many needs then you’re going as a beggar, and a beggar cannot choose. So, if you really want to make a choice in this world, first and foremost thing is you must bring yourself to a place where your experience of life is just pleasant by yourself, you’re wonderful.

Then, see, what gets drawn to you, if you become pleasant in your own self then you will see that everything will fall into place. In terms of career, in terms of marriage, in terms of relationship, and only the best will happen to you because you made yourself like this.

Instead of trying to work on somebody, instead of trying to bring your “soulmate” and fix them, if you work upon yourself and make yourself so wonderful that everybody wants to be with you, then there is a choice.

And this whole thing, this is an American thing, that there is a soul-mate somewhere. That God made just one more person just for you.

Body needs a mate, understandable. Maybe psychologically also you need a mate, that’s understandable. Emotionally you need a mate. A soul cannot need a mate. Nor was some person is made perfectly to fit with you.

If you think you’re perfect and God has chosen you and he’s made another person perfect somewhere else, then you’re heading for a disaster. Because there’s no such thing.

So, you’re not going to find any perfect person. But if you invest a deep sense of involvement, something wonderful may happen, it’s because of your involvement. Not because the other person is fantastic. Even if you choose a fool - that doesn’t matter because if you involve yourself, it can turn out to be very beautiful.

But if you still persist to look that way, then, I would suggest you to get the book called “Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise”

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Laws of the universe are contradictory in equal opposites in some way almost always. So have fun with that knowledge

No wonder love spells fail. You guys bring unnecessary mentality. Not directed to owner of post BTW but to some limited individuals here.


Love spells fail for more than one reason. One being spells don’t make something from nothing it causes what’s there to manifest further or to manifest the window of probability with the least obstacles. It’s not limiting to understand your magick. It’s only foolish to allow your brain to fall out and your mind to slip into delusion, no one wants to be a cesspool of parasites.


Read Angels of Love by Zanna Blaise.
You work with angels of the 42 letter name of god to transform yourself and then stir reality to increase your chances of finding a soul-mate. She explains the concept of soul-mate really well.

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