Manifestation of fire?

In the esoteric books i read, it was stated that fire is not to be found in some chemicals which are reacting,
but that it is always waiting for “certain conditions” to manifest itself.

That science does not know what fire actually is, but only know physical footprints of the fire.

That in certain times of evolution, planets were not spheres but fiery disks.

Reminds me to the very, very early Rammstein song “Feuerräder”, and a line ot its refrain.
“Dort wo die Sterne waren, drehen sich die Feuerräder.”

So does that leave room, for being able to manifest fire from nothing? *(But your intention.)

In contrast to the often mentioned “omnipotence”, i have never heard of someone that would just manifest fire, but only could alter or irgnite one.

But i mean to manifest it, i don’t mean to ignite something “flammable”.

In theory, oxigen starts to burn at insanely high temperatures.
~But wouldn’t this mean, that even with its possibility known,
it would be in no way practical, because you could (?) just destroy your very body while trying to look like some avatar fanboy, right?

Ok, lets phrase that more understandable:

Do i need, to be a greatly skilled sorcerer/magician/operator,
to be able to manifest the fire element?

Is there just too much shit i need to learn, before actually performing the things i originally wanted?
*Its sucks when magic tries to act like a microsoft system.

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I would say invoke a fire elemental. Perhaps gaze at a match and visualize friction.

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I know, there is a search function,(but there are dozens over dozens of posts to read through, until you find what you actually want)
so do you may know a distinct article on balg that could help me with achieving,
exactly that ? :thinking:

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You want to create fire in your hands like? Be able to snuff flames and light things on fire?


Well, that is “regular” pyrokinesis…

…to say it this way sounds silly but: i just want to make it appear.
~The control over it would be my own task.


Just high level pyrokinesis is my guess. Perhaps try talking to someone associated with fire? Apollo, Agni, etc.?

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Keep me updated on what you find this is interesting.

I guess there is no way around…
~this dependence on a entity feels just wrong, but i guess i have to bite my way through that stuff.

Om Ram Agni Namaha

Did you see my post about pyrokinesis?

Someone gave a meditation that you may want to see

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I don’t think asking an entity every time you want to do magick is right either. Perhaps invoking Agni like @KingOfHearts616 said and asking him to teach you would be better.


That’s exactly what I meant… Didn’t mean to get him to do it every time…

Sorry @Drachir, I’m out of it

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You guys don’t have to tell me if you are “in” or not.
~i would notice that anyway.

Its like people telling a fat boy that his ass is jiggling

  • this doesn’t help the fatboy with loosing weight at all.

Sorry, i don’t mean to say that guys are usually bullying people,
i just say ~in a weird way, which i already regret, that you don’t have to tell me if you are in or not.

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Oh, no, you misinterpret my meaning. I mean my head isn’t all here at the moment, hence my shitty answers

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There is no shame in asking for help when it is needed. Thats what the Enitity is there for to Teach and Guide.


Oh but there is plenty of room for it!
~Being not able to do things on your own, this disgusts me, and makes up a great deal of my frustration.

This shame could/should lead to a sooner success.

Jeez man don’t beat yourself up. Every body starts somewhere. Reading a book is the same thing as “asking for help”. If i go to lucifer and say “hey man can i have like… all the knowledge in the universe please… k thanks.” That won’t go well and that’s extremely lazy… But if I instead say “Hello Lucifer thank you for coming. Please take this offering as a sign of gratitude. Will you help me in my magickal ventures? When I meditate will you reinforce it so my ascension is stronger?” See the difference man? So go ahead, evoke Agni give him an offering and ask if he can help you. Not hand you everything but assist you, lead you down the right path :slight_smile:


i dug around the manipulation and manifestation of the elements forever when i started out, ironically my brain has a relatively easy time breaking down viable methods but the application always seems to be another story.

For example with manifesting fire my brain sees it as a step down process just like with manifesting change through ritual. The easiest way i can describe it you would need to accumulate the energy of fire in the higher planes and lower the vibration to the point where it can manifest here. the hard part seems to be creating the circumstances needed for it to manifest in a sustained form in the physical.

Part of why manipulating an already existing flame or igniting one is usually easier, pesky physics get in the way.

Buuuuut as a result of these failed attempts at physical elemental manipulation I have learned to raise massive amounts of elemental energy in ritual over the years.


Can you sum up the key techniques when it comes to raising massive amounts of elemental energy :slight_smile:? Or perhaps a separate post would be cool :wink:

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Its not so much a matter of technique or ritual as how much you apply it. Same as with building speed or strength in the phsyical body.

You can use which ever methods work for evoking/invoking energy then its a matter of practice and experimentation.Last few years I was using the Lbrp/lirp and the hexagram rituals until recently.

At one time I put a Demonically Psychotic amount of effort into pulling this off. As a result i learned how to gather massive amounts of energy into a single area or point. Which does have many practical effects on this plane just not the effect i was after :laughing: At the time i was doing this it usually fucked with the mental and emotional states of EVERYONE in my immediate area.

One of my favorite things over the last decade is to feast on lightning storms :yum: also traffic magic saves my ass almost on the daily :expressionless: