Manifestation experience

Hi all, I want to ask you a very general question how have rallied them the spirits/demons/angeles? be it physically or not physically. I ask this because I have had several experiences that I want to share with you but first hear’d your experiences first :smiley:

I haven’t seen much visually, in the way of manifestation. What I do see is an aura. This aura reveals to me the approximate size and shape of the being,but I am unable to make out details. These auras have been gold, yellow and fluro green. I will also feel the entity’s presence and am able to communicate via thought transference.

Me too, i can see the auras but in my case i see like White-gold human shapes

I’ve also had that, the deity appears in its outline as a white shape, you can see the outline and see through it but no colour. The only problem is that it disappears as quickly as it comes. For me I think this might be the skeletal stage of evocation, as I have had more physical manifestation with colour and depth and haven’t had one like that in well over a year. I think it means that the spirit are trying to teach your eyes how to see them.