Manifestation bases in Evocation

With Blood, Water and Fire as the three gateways, what does one base offer over the other, and associated elements?

What is the difference in manifestation, is one weaker or stronger over the other, or element dependent?

What about the pillar or cloud of fire and pillar or cloud of smoke?

So we have the following possibilities for an evocation:
Candle and incense or
Water and incense or
Blood and Incense or
Water and Candle and Blood and incense.
Which is the strongest here, or the weakest?

Is it possible that the predominant element in the practitioner is the likelihood of one manifestation base more successful than another?

When I evoked in the past, it was no circle, inns, candle and incense. I had major infestation occur as a side effect, as well as with no containment of energy and qlippothic spillover, the area was a will Wild West overnight.
So, hope my questions are straight forward and fair content.


Can you share what happened? I’m curious. But only if you’re comfortable doing it.

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It was just becoming in my duplex community exactly that, a wild Wild West. I was trying to evoke Lilith and Naamah in order to start traversing the qlippoth, but at the same time was evoking poetic spirits and Lucifer.
There was no containment of energy, so it spilled over and turned the place chaotic overnight.

It was all by candle and incense and enn and sigil.

But Im wondering what are the differences between the three elements, what element states can beings manifest comfortable in there, etc.

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I believe the weakest is the water one (although still effective: the entity would form a body out of the incense smoke and/or the summoner may scry its appearance in the water) and the strongest the one with “everything”.

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Okay, well out water just went out … not sure its a shutoff, possibly apartment work being done on pipes.
So can’t really do a whole hell of a lot unless I cutoff a hand or something. Lol. Well, I guess the universe is telling me not to evoke.

Personally I practice the same way you described at the end of 1st message (direct magick, “no props” or almost so), even though indeed sometimes there may be problems… Theoretically still feasible.

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I think you’re confused. Water, Blood and Fire are the three gateways to the spirit realms but they are not the same thing as a manifestation base for the physical manifestation of spirits.


I don’t think water would be a good manifestation base unless of course you were summoning water type entities like mermaids or nymphs, and even then I suspect it would only work well if you were in nature near a large body of water.

Far as I know water is usually only used as a scrying window in indoor magick (I say window for lack of a better way to say it).

I’ve never read or heard of it as a manifestation base indoors.

I did read of it used that way for manifesting water type spirits outdoors but only outdoors and only beside a natural body of water where you’d expect them to possibly be naturally (spirits like water type fae).

But I’m not an expert someone else probably knows more then I do about it. I didn’t try the rituals I read about cuz there’s no private outdoor water where I am it’s all in public parks and I’m not gonna do magick in public places.


Water can be used for the manifestation of spirits. I believe Arianna mentioned once evoking Leviathan in a swimming pool and Azazel in the bathtub.

However, generally, for manifesting spirits, airy substances are best, like incense, water vapour, fog, steam, smoke, and the like.


@DarkestKnight It worked indoors? That’s nice to know. If I ever want to try and manifest a water affiliated spirit indoors I guess I could try water in a tub then? I guess then it could work in a tub for anyone then?


Yes. People have mentioned evoking spirits in the shower as well, though in those cases it is generally the steam that is used as a base, not the water itself.


Okay, so it is possible to evoke using only water, steam, fog, outside lakes etc, and water can also be used as a gateway.
Got it. I think.

Also if people have successfully evoked using water or nothing, I think I will give it a shot. Otherwise, if its not lack of funds, its lack of candle stock in stores.

You can also use solid darkness as a manifestation base.


Water can be helpful for attracting spirits who are of the same nature as water, but as a manifestation base I wouldn’t think it would give good success.

For a manifestation base, incense would be better. Water is too dense for most spirits to manifest through, but smoke, becoming lighter becomes more spritualized, and easier for spirits to control and manifest in. The easiest being the mind, being purely spiritual. But this requires some training to do well without interference.

For incense, you want to use an incense of a plant whose nature is like that of the spirit you are calling on.


Okay. Well, Incase I have but can’t hotbox my room, and dont have enough money for hotboxing the room. Fuck it, I refuse to have the occult be a wealthy persons hobby only, the spirits will have to find a way to adjust, or me understand and take the loss of a unsuccessful ritual.

I would not describe this as a gateway. The incense and such do not bring the spirit through to your world. They are there regardless.

Incense, smoke, they control these things with their power just as they have the power to control the weather. Do not think that they have a hard barrier that prevents them from entering this world, spirits are here always.

When we call a spirit, they come and hear our requests. It does not matter if you see them or not. So do not think you need to see them in order for them to hear you, they certainly do hear you when you call them with intention.

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I’ve evoked without those things… I was in a dorm room where I couldn’t light candles or incense. I didn’t use blood then and no water out.

I saw, pretty clearly, Set and Sitri there and I could kinda see others, but that ritual stood out the most. It was really dark. It was that Blue Full Moon Halloween of 2020. I saw clearly Set standing against a wall in the mini hallway of the room and I saw clearly Sitri doing his loitering-lounging thing on my bed. That was actually the most clearly I’ve seen these beings in ritual I’m pretty sure. Scared the fuck out of me.

Edit: I had two LED candles so I could see my notes.