Manifest by Spoken Word

To begin,
I am referring to the process whereby a mental object becomes a physical object without requiring physical action.
Except some weird shit happened and us finding out why or how it happened will have huge HUGE implications.

I understand and regularly employ the visualization method, using the lantern technique to manifest. If you are unfamiliar or struggling with this technique here is my .02. The ‘Light’ source is our Sun (I envision the Sun as the flame on my candle burning within my household lantern), your ‘desire’ as an image/meme on an opaque ‘overhead projector sheet’ (OG 90s edu) taped to the front of my lantern, the image thus projected onto all of Earth. It really helped to draw out my ‘meme’, tape it onto my actual lantern, and light a candle in the lantern. I believe seeing this in the physical world makes visualizing much easier.

I did not start producing reliable results until I had fully grasped, adopted, and believed that ‘observed reality’ is actually projected from the mind’s ‘Sun’ onto the backside of my pupil. If you want to adopt this truth all it takes is some quick reading into the human occular system. Science cant explain how our brain turns occularly absorbed Light into motion picture reality. It also cant explain why our eyes grow from the Endoderm instead of the Ectoderm like every other organ. There’s also a shit ton of proven science to back up morphogenetic fields - this resolved my co-reality-creation blocks.

Back to the main issue:
I manifested by spoken word alone recently. I’ve read that sacred words(or sacred vowels) when spoken with visual intent and in your true vocal tone have this power. But I have no idea what these words are, I’ve been deconstructinf what I said endlessly and gotten nowhere.

I work night shift, had caffeine in my system and nothing else. The sun was rising on a Friday, I was facing East and had been sun gazing for a bit from my desk. Im rather old and was joking about my luck regarding rec league sports, basketball in this case.
I said: “Im too old for this shit. With my luck watch me (umm) break my ankle or some shit getting crossed over or stuffed by a former D2(college) star. These kids still play like a titles on the line and I cant afford to be hobblin around on crutches for a month.”
—that’s exactly what I said as I remember it and I was definitely a bit excited and happy. I did visualize my ankle rolling out and breaking as I was saying it out loud. I should have known this was a manifestation, you just know when they are.

Well, would you fucking believe that within a week my ankle was broken while playing basketball. Not just broken, completely fucked - every tendon snapped in 2. First game I played after saying this was maybe 4 days later. First I went to the wrong school, shoulda known something was amiss as this made me late and I had to sit out of my typical slot as a starter. Finally subbed in, instantly get a free throw rebound, dribble down court, take a jump shot and the kid guarding me like he wants an award puts his foot right under mine as I come down. Ankle snaps, everyone in the gym hears it. Im in shock because I instantly knew this was my manifestation. Once you manifest enough you know the ‘deja vu’ of a manifest fulfilled. I hobbled to my car and the only thing on my mind for days was that this was a test for me to finally master self healing and discover the power of the spoken word. And I did the first, and it took me a month just like I knew it would because that too was in the manifestation. I have yet to discover what I said with emotion that invoked this. I have tried to replicate this on other things. I am great at visualization manifestation - Im still able to produce results so its not my imagination and I definitely didnt invoke desire or emotion into breaking my ankle. I just said it would likely happen and it did. Something I said gave this power. Someone hear knows there is truth to this.

For some reason I know I mumbled “umm” while saying ‘watch me (umm) break’ and for some reason I keep thinking ‘ee-ah’ (mE Umm)sound is to blame. I did find AUM was referenced as a ‘sacred breath’ but Im skeptical since its hard to source outside of occult metaphor. I havent been able to replicate this using AUM mantras, despite trying every vocal inflection and visualization to go along with it.

You can easily understand now why I want to figure out the trick. Both to protect myself from my hypothetical banter destruction, and to manifest mass fucking amounts of loot. There is most definitely something to find, my thoughts wouldnt keep directing me back to it otherwise.

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What are the focal words or letters you’re using to manifest?

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