EA says just charging his sigil will influence your creative work. Has anyone tried this?


Not yet but I intend to at some point.


I tried with no substantial results thus far.


I intend to work with this spirit in the very near future and will post results to this thread. I have worked with Hentyos tasking him to increase my awareness of the vibrations of sound waves. My pitch recognition increases drastically and my musical memory improved.


Right on, keep us updated!


Have someone keep to working with him?
Musicians ? There’s any results ?


I recently opened his sigil for some inspiration - and it was there and was exactly what I needed. However - what I noticed was that it was something I had to hunt down. What I mean by that is - I could feel the “stream” of inspiration start flowing, however, it wasn’t immediately accessible - I had to sort of locate it and uncover it. After that though - after I found the vein it was coarsing through and was able to open it - it was solid input from there. I didn’t experience any of the macabre influence EA spoke of - but I didn’t let it run its course either.


Maybe you should let it run full course…for experimentation sake. Then report back here asap lol


I opened his sigil the other day for some inspiration and found myself contemplating the idea of creating an hour of ritual music using voudon drumming patterns, and dark suspended harmonies. All at the correct tempo and rhythm to induce theta gamma sync. Seem like it would be a cool idea if I follow through with it.


I’d suggest doing some research and see if you can’t find out how the Hemi-sync stuff that the Monroe Institute developed works. It may be useful to your project.

Unity (639 Hz) from the album Solfeggio Suite
Quantum Edit from the album Gammadrone
Insight (Prologue) from the album Insight Meditation

All three of those claim to have theta and gamma sync rhythms.


Thanks for the tip Redcircle. I’ll be doing some listening and research on this site.


Would be cool to hear if you do follow through with it. I recorded something like that a few weeks back actually, though a bit more conventional. Specifically set to 135bpm (half of 270bpm, which is 4.5bps/Hz) with acoustic guitars, bass, drones and bongos keeping the constant pulse. My one was only 8-9 minutes though.