Mammon and Rats

My partners and I recently opened a Crittery and already have people wanting to adopt rats and mice from us, since we breed for temperament and health. We don’t have as many animals as most breeders, since we like to focus on and spend time with each animal individually and in group settings. We aren’t really looking to profit, as much as to make enough from adoptions to continue to raise and breed healthy pets that bring joy to others, so it’s not a greed or profit thing.

I currently have a mouse named after King Belial, due to a deal with him.

I didn’t even think about including Mammon in this but I’ve been working with Mammon for a while and it seems he has an adoration for rats. Whenever I take them out for activity time, I feel his presence around. So I started including rats in meditation sessions with him and it’s like, his presence was much stronger. During a channeling I found that Mammon even wants us to name a bloodline of rats in his honor! Which is similar to what I’m doing with King Belial.

Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing with Mammon?