Mammon and Asmodeus increased my chances of winning huge money in gambling

3 days ago I invoke Mammon and Asmodeus to increase my luck in gambling so I can win huge amounts of money whenever I’m gambling.
And yesterday I decided to bet on few random soccer matches but I fell asleep when arranging the matches. So early today morning I decided to continue the arrangements and stake the bet. I checked through my beslips and there was one strange 15 soccer matches which looks a bit strange because I never remember me arranging those matches so I stake it anyway. And I almost won ¢5000 with only ¢1 tonight. Only one team play draw out of those 15 strange matches.
I think this is just a sign from them telling me there is big wins coming.
Hail Mammon
Hail Asmodeus
I will give you updates whenever I get new results


Good job following your intuition there! :grinning::relaxed: I find it harder to do when I might loose something, which of course creates an attachment issue, so wonderful job here.


Hello good Evening am Kelvin am also into gambling I barely win , can u help me out on how u spoke with Asmodeus and Mammon to help me win some

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I just invoked them and asked them to help me win huge sums of money when gambling.

Sorry for the late update guys.
Ever since I invoked Asmodeus and Mammon to help me win in gambling, trust me I have been winning most of my soccer gambling games😂


Do you mean sports betting? They helped you, but you had to have some knowledge about football, which you managed to acquire.

Yes they have given me some perfect way I should be picking my teams and the odds and it has been helping me win most of the time.

If you are able to get reccuring results than thats OG
And what come into your mind that you thought to call them together, do you know they agreed to work together or not?

Can you help me with some of the options they told u to be selecting , the rate at which I lose my sport betting is too much

What was their reply?

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What kind of question is this?
Did Asmodeus and Mammon ever told you that they are enemies?

Sorry I can’t
Evoke them or invoke them yourself.

Ohk thank you