Mamman Marinette's Black Pig Divination {Saturnian Vodoun Rite}

This is a Rite I discovered through working with the Initiation rite in Dante Abiels book Necromantic Sorcery. It’s use was revealed to me as I was doing it.

In Dantes book, you take a black pig to a cemetery and tie it to a tree, douse it with gasoline, and set it on fire.

The squealing and burning of the pig stirs up violent energies that awaken Mamman Marienette’s energy and power resulting in possession. This rite is to be initiated as her child and gain her protection and favor.

As I did not have a black pig on hand, I did the rite Astrally through Soul Travel and it had a even stronger effect on me.
The Rite
Vizualize a Black Pig with a rope around it’s neck walking with you to a Dark Cemetery. See the Tree of Life and The Tree of Death as one, then hang the pig on it.

Vizulaize the dousing of the pig with gasoline, and see yourself lighting a match, setting it on fire.

Allow yourself to channel and be possesed by Mamman Marienette.

What you must do is scry into the fire while the pig is burning and squealing. Yes you can scry and soul travel simultaneously. The combination of the energies, Mamman Marienette’s power and the Burning pig will open your Vision so you can see your Destiny.

The thing about this divination is that your Destiny is both subjective, Objective, and Absolute at the same time. There are even multiple Destinies that occur all at once.

What you must do is accept whatever you see without attempting to change it.

For me personally, I saw multiple Destinies of Personal Death (in the physical and spiritual), Destruction, and Power the likes of which made me shake.

What you see will be different for you. As you let go and not attempt to change it out of fear, those Destinies will become irrelevant to you, thus bringing about full control of your Personal Destiny.

You can do this for another person as well.

Do not jump through the Vizualization and go straight to the burning pig. Walk yourself through it and take your time. Why? It must abide by the same physical laws for it to work. You can’t jump sraight to burning a pig in the mundane, so it is in the astral.

This works by combining the Gateways of Blood and Fire. Boiling blood is very chaotic indeed.


Awesome stuff. What’s the significance of the black pig?

Edit: Nevermind. I asked thinking of swapping out the pig but I see you performed the rite astrally.