Making your own deck of 72 Demons for spell divination

Is there any tarot or Oracle cards that specifically name the spirits or demons?
I’m thinking of Buying my own 72 card stock, and writing in permanent marker each demons name on each card with their abilities taken from the DOM book, and then using these cards to do my own pre-ritual divination to see who I should go to for my needs, or who will get the job done. Has anyone thought of or tried that?

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There is the Fallen Angel Oracle Cards, available on Amazon. They are cards of the 72 demons of the Goetia. However, they don’t list any abilities or things like that because, with divination, you are supposed to learn the cards and read intuitively.

Pick up a copy of S. Connolly’s book Sigillum Diaboli. This is not a new idea. and Connolly describes some different ways to use the Goetia and Dukante seals for divination.


If you’re gonna make your own deck I really advise having it printed. I am really satisfied with mine (not goetic)
It doesn’t even cost that much

i did that. bought 72 demon divination deck. use those to print on plastic large 5x7 cards , put the sigil on one side and power description with evocation key and angel on other side. Put it in 3 photo binder and I have my own reference book. I used this. I had to buy mine. I then used it to print out at professional site. I got permission from him to do that for own personal use. It cost me like 100 bucks to print it out. It will last for life so i’m happy. I didn’t print exactly that book. I just used the sigil pictures. And choose higher quality plastic and bigger size so cost a bit more. Sigil and name more important to me than pictures of demons. Need the sigil for usefulness of ;magick application

I don’t know how long he’ll have the divination deck for free.

[Goetia Tarot in Darkness] is the one i want to get after i found about it. too late to get as it was for kickstarter. I hope he reprint that for the mass. search for it and you will want it too.


Wow thanks! That would be the perfect deck to get if I can find it now!

Thank u, will pick up the book.

They still have not finish it yet. IN the process of printing it and getting it ready to ship sometime next month… It was kickstarter project and you can get in on it no more. The corona virus delayed the project i think. So those that did order it will get it delayed.

I found a post by him in reply to someone on facebook. He says the nonkickstarter edition will be available in 2021. A bit of a wait ,however, it might be worth it to have . NOt just for the demons but it’s actually also a tarot deck. i was thinking of learniing tarot to add to my tools of magick.

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