Making someone ugly and fat is that possible

I only believe in past life karma that’s it!

Yeah - it’s called marriage. Have a look around. Works on men too.



No, I used to be a good little witch myself oh, I believed in the threefold and Sevenfold rules, I know exactly how it works.

Just cuz you punch somebody in the eye doesn’t mean you’re going to get punched in the eye three times, or seven times, but down the road you may just so happen to break your leg, which is at least 7 times as bad as getting a black eye.

But, we’re starting to delve back into morality. And in my case, morality is kind of silly, if not downright detrimental to your personal rise to power.

But, OP, as far as making somebody else fat, it’s fairly simple to find a spirit that is tied to gluttony, and send that Spirit to go to work on your target. Likewise with making somebody ugly, there’s nothing that says that you can’t make a voodoo doll, and jack up that person’s face. Causing them to get into a bad car wreck that absolutely destroys their facial figures.

Whatever you decide to do, entirely up to you, I’ve said my piece.

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Please don’t get passive aggressive with me. It was me who addressed your bs rule, no one else so you can adress me. You brought up karma before anyone asked you anything. And fyi, it’s against forum rules to moralize and personal morality is irrelevant here. For example, if I was to start a thread on how to hex someone that was irritating to me online, I could do so. Would it be petty? Sure but some people just are petty. :woman_shrugging:


Hey, how about keeping it civil, won’t ya?


You were stating something as fact, moralizing and judging. I adressed your BS wiccan rede and so called rule that was invented by a dirty old charlatan named Gardner. Rede btw means advice, not rule and using the rede to explain karma, which is a very complex concept, shows you know nothing about it. You don’t have to tell me nothing and you certainly don’t have to tell me to be careful. You better not. Have a nice day. :slight_smile:


Okay just to be clear, moralising on working thread by talking about how the OP will get threefold karma is against the forum rules, you may not have been aware of this but you are now, so please adjust accordingly:

I know this is unusual but it protects your freedom of speech as well if you want to do some magick people may not approve of. :+1:


Maybe it can start with making her lazy. To loose her job as a beginning. Can he find a drone (dead)? (These Male bees which the another bers through from the hive after copulation with the queen).
This think:

Physiognomy is hard-wired into us and bone structure, as well as the shape and size of tits and arses (natural), are biological but you may be able to do something about the weight. As an occultist you should never try to go above Nature but instead work in harmony with her, not because it’s the ‘right’ thing to do but because you will be disappointed when it does not work, and seeing as the success of a ritual is dependent on your desire, physics probability and luck. The probability of turning someone ugly and fat via purely metaphysical means without physical world interaction is pretty much impossible within the current laws of the universe. You can however psychosomatically instill the seed (using a empathy spell or ritual) within them and nurture that seed (if you have physical contact with them on a day-to-day basis) until it grows into a rose and the thorns slice through her ability to perceive what healthy and aesthetic weight is, resulting in either obesity or anorexia which will impact the beauty of a woman.


This only applies to those who believe in the Threefold Law of Return in a moral sense and those who do not have the magikal and psychological resilience to ‘take the blow’. Personally, I believe the Law of Three when understood as a moral concept to be passive nonsense which holds people back.


I’d like to know this spell if your willing to share. Thanks in advance!

Also, when magick is used in order to react, Ur Group’s explanation applies: a balance is already “broken” and the ritual/spell restores it, or at least is only a matter of, precisely, reacting.

What to do with the drone exactly

Did everyone just miss this post? :thinking:

3 different people in 2 days derailing topics prattling about karma. We have a whole Category FOR curses and baneful works, so please respect that freedom of speech and that this is an acceptable and welcome topic on here, and we will NOT cede any ground to white-light notions that rest in moderrnised misunderstandings of ancient teachings.

  • Even if you firmly believe in this simplistic version of things, which is of course your right to do, you have no way of knowing that the proposed curse isn’t that person’s karma being paid back to them.

The whole thing has to stop NOW, I don’t know what has got into people but this is an open caution, mod-hat firmly on: stop moral lecturing about karma. It’s absolutely no different to preaching hellfire, or any other religious moral dogma.

And yes, if anyone wants to leave over this, go right ahead, the forum rules are very clear on this matter.


Honestly, why don’t you just do a death curse and kill the bastards out right? Making somebody suffer is fun and all, but for something like this, I would just kill them and be done with it. Magickally of course, leave the murder charges at home.

It’s not about fun or suffer it’s about learning a lesson
When she dies she will learn nothing
She needs to regret it also it’s a lesson to everyone else who is like her
It’s more than that

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any update

What does this do?

why is there so much moralising?

you have people who have unleashed rape, abuse and murder spells on here.

get over it

What is your purpose behind reviving a dead thead?