Making someone ugly and fat is that possible

Ok I know the title is strange but I have a friend he’s a little over weight and of course he’s not Tom Cruise but he looks normal and there’s a girl he likes he asked her out
It’s ok if you reject someone it’s your own choice that’s true maybe you don’t like maybe he don’t think he’s looking good like I said it’s your choice of course but it’s rally not good when you tell him your fat and ugly and laugh about him and everyone is watching that’s exactly what she said to him
My friend is now depressed and o want her to feel the same is there a spell to make her overweight and ugly



Tell you friend to grow a spine and a thicker skin. Call upon Letana, the Encouraging Angel, to help with the depression, and Belial to strengthen him.

Yes, it was rude of the girl and words can hurt, but, c’mon, it makes you just as bad, maybe even worse, to curse her for it because that is common behaviour in the world today and your friend will encounter it again and again. Are you going to curse everybody?

Work on building your friend up, not taking revenge for every minor slight.

I recommend your friend pick up a copy of Jason Miller’s book Sorcerer’s Secrets, and practice the Invocation of the Perfected Self and the Invocation of the Seducer so he realises that rejection is part of life.


Where can I find that book

What girl? What are you talking about?

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Sorry I mean book not girl

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Amazon has it.

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He’s better off without someone like her.
At least she showed her true colours straight away. She’s already ugly on the inside!

I’m sorry this happened to your friend. Some people are just horrible human beings.

I totally get were you coming from. She would deserve it but not sure if it’s your place to dish it out and get involved. Although i think it’s lovely how you look out for your friend. :slightly_smiling_face:


Let karma take care of her. If you try to do that yourself you’ll just end up creating you own bad karma.


I’ve seen many here do not believe in karma




Thanks guys


Well there is one terrible spell that EA has revealed. You know about the chicken feet spell? It’s quite simple as well. And like Ultraviolet mentioned, It’s very admirable how you look out for your friend. If you wanna know about it, I can pm you


I think helping him rise up from his own emotional turmoil into a stronger more confident person would be a more effective way of going about things. If a curse is thrown at one person who behave this way to him, there will have to be one for the next one, the next one, etc. It would become an endless cycle. It would be easier to help him become the more confident person than continuing that cycle in eyes. I’d recommend petitioning to Belial to help with that personally, or King Zagan to help him reverse how he sees himself because of the rejection.

That being said, I do not always walk the higher road. While said behavior is common, it does not mean it is right. In order to change the behavior of a population, there just be a reason to for each individual not to carry out said behavior. Much of what an individual believes stems from observing or reacting from other people in our lives. On average, each individual interacts with 10,000 people in their lives. Each of those interacts with another 10,000 and so forth. So by punishing one, you can potentially change the entire population in time (obviously, many other factors of change are being played at the same time, such as people actually listening to each other or your target being smart enough to actually learn the initial lesson. It is a very slim chance). That is just my thoughts on the subject. it’s your choice. However, curse or not, your friend would need help with his confidence.

So, if you are going with a curse, I’d recommend lighting a candle and visualizing your target. Focus deeply on the anger and recite “By the priesthood/authority of (insert your name) may you see the world as (insert friend’s name) does” filling it with all your anger as you say it over and over. Visualize your anger coming out with each word, sticking to your target, changing her. When you feel you have no more to give, end it by saying “By my will, so it is done” and let the image of your target vanish. Then go on with life. You can either let the candle burn out or put it out and relight it whenever possible to add power to the working until the candle is put out. You could petition Zagan for help with this as well, but I leave that to you.


U can get the ebook in amazon., $15,i tnk. Or book, $35,

How does this Karma work? Cause & Effect?

I really want to believe in this Karma, but I have seen people who have offended me go on to live great lives…and this saddens me…


I watched this video and outlined it out…Let me look it up, its fairly easily…

The Most Evil Curse I’ve Ever Used. - E.A Koetting:

Materials needed:

  • Shoe box
  • Photograph of the victim
  • 2 yards of Black ribbon
  • 2 chicken feet


  • Write the name and birthday of the victim on the back of the photograph

  • Hold the photograph against both of the chicken feet face out and wrap them together onto the photograph with a 3rd of the black ribbon

  • As you tie the chicken feet to the photograph, you need to visualize your victim completely immobilized unable to attack you anymore. The more clearly you can visualize this, the better… The process is called : Transubstantiation (dudnt hear this correctly…hopefully someone can help)
  • Place bundle (tied photography and chicken feet) in the shoe box

  • Tie the box together with the remaining black ribbon

  • Bury the box 3 feet into the ground at a cross road or cementary

As you leave the area, do not look back at the burial site…


Lol you didn’t have to do all that work. :laughing: It’s in EA’s newsletter.


Haha! I actually enjoyed copying and pasting and re-reading it again, aids in helping me solidly memorizing it​:rofl::wink:

Also, AOS2 has a spell called “The ugly stick”


You could summon Marbas to cause the girl to be ugly and more @issam

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