Making someone gifted

Is it possible to use magic to give someone the gift or ability to be very successful?

Like could I do something that would give my 2 yr old son the athletic ability that would have him become a pro athlete? I want him to have a much better and successful life than I did and don’t want him to struggle like i did.


What if he doesn’t want to be an athlete? He’s 2. What he wants to be when he grows up will bounce back and forth many times before he is old enough to make a lasting decision.

In my opinion, you would be better off giving him a solid foundation to be successful in whatever he wants to do, rather than trying to make him into something he may have no interest in becoming. Teach him to use visualization, affirmations, and afformations. Give him a guardian spirit to watch over him, and cast general success spells, until he decides on a specific path, and then you can tailor the magick to his needs.

Magick is most successful if applied to enhancing skills someone already possesses, so wait until he’s older and see what talents he has and apply the magick to a career path that will use those skills. He can be successful in anything if given the chance. Don’t try to give him talents just because you think he has a better shot at success with them. Gifted athletes are a dime a dozen and very few of them are successful at the pro level.


To build upon this, you can give your son a headstart, i’ll keep this list simple because there’s info everywhere on all these:

  • get a birth chart done for him, are good (I’m not an affiliate and pay for their services myself), that’s a starting point, this will reveal his natural personality characteristsics in their raw form

  • get good with soul travel and speak to his Higher Self, ask for ways to guide him to fulfil his destiny and find fulfilment (the hardest thing for any parent, anyone who loves someone unconditionally, is to realise “fulfilment” is not always the same thing as “happy, untroubled life”)

  • teach him early that he can shape not only the world but also himself, all of Napoleon Hills’ simple books on positive mental attitude are going to give him a headstart over his peers, especially in this era of social media and validation/control reaching right into childrens’ minds all the waking day, and there’s virtually nothing in those books that will cause him to stand out as a freak, but they will teach him how to be a leader

  • accept he’s going to fuck up and that the reversals of course from the most painful fuckups will forge the man he finally becomes.


Yes, it is possible. Have fun! Send me tickets to his first pro game!

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I would recommend using magick to instead amplify all base characteristics. Increase physical potential and health, increase mental faculties, keep energy paths clear, imagination and will strong, etc. With a basic foundation of such modifications he can pursue whatever interests he pleases with a great advantage. I recommend looking into qigong and the anatomy of the energy body first.


Thanks. I was just using the pro athlete as an example, wouldn’t push him towards that, would allow him to flourish in whatever he wanted to do.


That’s a deal!

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